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 - ImpressInPrint Paper Productstwin baby shower invitations

Twin twin baby shower invitations announce your day for fun, food and celebration of the upcoming birth of your babies. These joyful times are captured in beauty and spirit when you use your own adorable customized twin baby shower invitations from

- ImpressInPrint Paper Productstwin baby shower invitations - what to include?

If you already know the sex of your babies, you can choose the color of your twin baby shower invitations by choosing either twin baby shower invitations for a boy or twin baby shower invitations for a girl (maybe both - blue and pink?!) to give your guests a valuable clue as to what colors to choose. If you don't want to specifically use pink or blue - you can customize you twin baby shower invitations with personal requests for certain colors that you would prefer for clothing, bedding, room accents, and other great baby gift items.

 - ImpressInPrint Paper Productstwin baby shower invitations - party ideas

Twin twin baby shower invitations can include a list of baby party plans. You can make a scrapbook of the day complete with special paper from for your guests to include scrapbook notes and messages for your babies to enjoy in their later years.

Enjoy the following party game suggestions and use twin baby shower paper from to give your party that extra-special twin baby shower touch!

1 - Baby Name Scramble

Have on hand:

Game Play:
Choose a few common baby names (the longer the better!), and scramble them up. Have each player unscramble the baby names. Set a fast time limit to make it even more fun!

2 - "Guess The Baby Food"

Have on hand:

  • Get as many different jars of baby food as you can
  • Baby Shower Paper from ImpressInPrint
  • Pens or pencils

Game Play:
Make a list of the baby foods. Soak off the labels from the jars and mark the jar with a number that corresponds to your "master list". Allow your guests to look at the foods from a distance, but do not let them smell or taste the foods. As you show the guest each jar, have them write down their guess for that "number" food on their twin baby shower paper. The person with the most guesses that are correct can receive something special. Be sure to keep out 2 or 3 jars to use for a "tie-breaker" in case of a tie.

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