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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock from

specialty paper - ImpressInPrint Paper Products specialty paper - Themes and Decor

Sending specialty paper to your friends?  Use the theme of your holiday specialty paper to create the decor for your party. Using decoration clues from your specialty paper gives a continuity to your party.

specialty paper - ImpressInPrint Paper Products specialty paper - Refreshment Ideas

Plan using your specialty paper in your holiday entertainment dinner plans. Specialty paper used as dinner place setting markers for seating guests are nice mementos of a beautiful holiday dinner gathering.  Each holiday or occasion has its own favorite dishes and this will help keep to the theme of your party. If you are using specialty paper that feature candy canes, for instance, make sure to serve peppermint ice cream deserts or cut deep holes in oranges and use powdered peppermint sticks as "straws" for sipping out the wonderfully mint-flavored orange juice. That is just one of many ideas you can incorporate with your specialty paper.

specialty paper - ImpressInPrint Paper Products specialty paper - Activities

When sending your specialty paper be sure to have a list of activities that will include all age ranges of your guests. This will help make all guests feel welcome.  Party paper can be used for more than personal parties. Church holiday gatherings, business office parties, civic holiday celebrations and other gatherings can be greatly enhanced by using personalized specialty paper.
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