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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Pool Party Invitations


Featured Products

Beach Ball Splash Wiggler

This colorful kid's Wiggler Beach ball pool party invitation is decorated with bright and fun colors throughout the background, with a die-cut beach ball that comes with a spring attached to make the die-cut move.

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Flip Mix Invitation

A light summer theme for your event! This extremely cute flip flop border invitation is just perfect for your event with a warm summery flair. Enjoy this for everything from a teen pool party to a save the date card!

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Pool Party Kids Invitation

If you are having a pool party for your little fish, this is a great way to send your news! A perfect invitation for a swim party, or water park get together. This invitation is designed with a wave of water in the back ground and the word pool is spelled out with kid-filled floaties soaking up the fun!

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Under the Sea Invitation

This invitation is decorated with under the sea fun! It has fish, an octopus, and a starfish all dressed up in party hats with balloons ready to celebrate a birthday. Great for pool parties and summer parties celebrating a birthday!

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Fiesta Poolside Invitation

Plan your destination wedding celebration with this beachside themed invitation. Designed with a blue sky and sandy beach look and a simple set of beach chairs and umbrella propped up to enjoy!

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Summer is on its way and with it comes an inescapable heat wave. The best way to cool off? We suggest having a pool party! It's a great way to have a little fun in the sun. Enjoy some frozen drinks, a few light snacks, and a healthy dose of splashing around.




Flip flop invitations and beach invitations make fab pool party invites, too!



Pool Party Wording Ideas


Choosing the wording for your invitation is just as important as choosing the design, though possibly a bit more challenging! At Impress In Print, we offer the option to completely customize all of the wording and font on your invitation, even coordinating multiple fonts and font colors. Not all of us are master poets, so our best recommendation to come up with wording for your Pool Party Invite is to take a look at the wording used on some of our sample designs. You can easily pull bits and pieces off of other designs and use them on the particular invitation that you have selected. Here are a few extra wording ideas to get you started!

By the pool in the sun,
We're all getting together
To have some fun!
Tara & Mike's
Annual Pool Party

Let's make a splash at
Alyssa & Amanda's
Pool party!
We'll have food, drinks,
And sunscreen for everyone--
Don't forget your towel!

Splish Splash - Pam's Surprise 30th Bash!
The weather is warm now that summer is here
We're celebrating Pam's birthday with good food & some beer!
Bring your bikini or board shorts and please don't delay
We're surprising her by the pool
On her special birthday!


Pool Party Suggestions


Having a pool party is an easy and awesomely fun solution for a ton of different types of parties that fall in the summer months. These ideas will help you plan for any type of party:

  • Kid's Birthday: Toys and activities are the secret to a killer kids pool party. Have a variety of diving toys, goggles and snorkelers, floaties, squirt guns/splash toys, and a healthy dose of energy. Provide plenty of bottled water to keep them hydrated in the sun, and offer drinks with electrolytes like Gatorade to help replenish them in a tastier way. (Soda pop will have the opposite effect, so save that for later!) Instead of offering snacks while they swim, pull all the kids out at once for a lunch that can include any variety of snacks, sandwiches, pizza, or finger foods.
  • Family Get-Together: A BBQ pool party is a very popular summer trend for families or friends just wanting to catch up. For a really relaxed party, fill up your cooler with sodas and beer, fire up the grill, and be sure everyone brings a swim suit, cover up, and towel.
  • Engagement Party: Celebrating a recent engagement with a spruced up BBQ pool party. Swap out the hotdogs and hamburgers for veggie packs and salmon on the grill. Serve cool appetizers that will keep outside, such as dips and finger sandwiches. In addition to the traditional drinks, serve up some mixed drinks like pomegranate margaritas and sangria.


Go chic and suave for grown up pool parties in your backyard or at a local resort!



Pool Party Stationery Paper


Summer pool parties are always a favorite for kids and adults. Splashing around in a swimming pool with family and friends is a great way to cool off and relax during the blistering heat of the full summer sun. Sometimes the impromptu get together is super casual or last minute. Having some pool party stationery on hand is perfect for these events! You can quickly print off a few sheets off on your laser paper to pass around amongst neighbors, family, or friends. Our bright and colorful designs are perfect for kids, too.

The best part is that pool party stationery can never go out of style. Everyone loves a good pool party--even those who are a bit swimsuit shy enjoy the water! It is human nature to enjoy the refreshing cool of a pool of water on a sunny day. So, throw on your flip flops, tie up your hair, and don't forget the sunblock! Pool Party Stationery is as necessary for a summer party as are floaties and snacks.

A kids birthday is full of fun, friends, and energy! Our birthday invitations make the perfect match to a perfect party.
Summer wouldn't be the same without an awesome BBQ. Gather the troup with one of our BBQ invitations!
What better way to party than with a little extra spice? Our fiesta invitations add the fun to the Mexican theme!
Throw on your leis and party luau style with one of our luau invites. They bring the tropics to you!
Paddle away the afternoon at your awesome nautical party. There's no better way to catch a breeze!
Have a stellar pool party with the whole neighborhood using one of our summer pool party stationery papers.
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