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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Photo Christmas Cards


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Blessings Digital Photo Card

Show off your great photo with this photo card that is perfect for completeing that special touch to an already magical photo.

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Holiday Sweater Photo Card

A fun holiday design with a lime green background and a pink argyle stripe across the photo card. This cute "holiday sweater" design makes a perfect choice for announcing a new birth or sending family holiday greeting cards!

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Vintage Holiday Digital Photo Card

Create your greeting with a vintage look of this great photo card. The edging of the card has a distressed look and the red design has an aged feel to make a old look for that favorite vintage style.

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Holiday Blue Digital Photo Card

A fun Snowflake holiday card with a tropical feel. This great greeting card is created with different shades of blues and greens that give it a fun and bright look for the season.

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Mediterranean Holiday Digital Photo Card

A sophisticated photo card with a mediteranian look with the use of a bold orange background and a deep plum accent with an elegant floral pattern on the side to create this design.

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When you cannot give a warm embrace, the next best thing is a smiling face. Send photo cards to family and friends this year instead of the traditional greeting card. They are a personal and exciting alternative to greeting cards, that make the holidays a little bit brighter. At, we have single and multi photo designs that are perfect to share your Christmas wishes during the holiday season. You can personalize the wording as well as upload any photo of your delightful family. We work with your photos to create a custom and special product that is completely personalized and unique.




Digitally printed photo cards with one or multi photo designs. Perfect for the holidays!



Photo Card Wording


Selecting wording for photo cards is an entirely different animal than selecting wording for holiday invitations. Though the theme is the same, everything else is entirely unique. Christmas photo cards tend to have very few words necessary, but still manage to capture a warm and welcoming message. This warmth and happiness is generated by the smiling faces in the subject of your photo, which extends better sentiments than a few simple words could. After you have a photo and a photo card selected for your holiday photo greeting cards, consider these few things when putting together your wording.

  1. Short Greeting: The wording should include a greeting or phrase for the holiday season. The key thing about the greeting is that it must remain short. For digital cards that have the option of changing the wording, be sure to use the sample wording as a guide. Similarly sized phrases will work nicely, but drastically small or large messages may be difficult to accommodate and look awkward. Here are a few of the most popularly used seasonal greetings:

    Season's Greetings & Happy New Year!
    Wishing you the best this holiday season!
    Hoping your holidays are Merry & Bright!
    Happy Holidays from our home to yours...

  2. Family Name: Including a family name is an important part of holiday greeting cards. Generally, follow your family name with the word "Family," such as "The Michelson Family." If you would like to include individual first names, these names are listed under the family name. Parents are listed first with children to follow. For example:

    The Michelson Family
    Terri, Morgan, Dustin, and Johnny

  3. The Year: Traditionally those that send out photo cards send one out each year. Because the stylish cards also have family photos, many Christmas photo cards are saved as keepsakes by recipients. Including the current year helps keep track over time of the family evolution. It is also a nice touch to give one last hoorah to the year that is quickly coming to a close.


Photo Cards: The Art of Color


When creating samples for photo cards, designers put a lot into the wording, the font color, and the photo selection. The sample creation is what demonstrates for the customer how a design can look when coloring and style are optimized. The easiest way to make your holiday photo cards look as incredible as the designer photo card samples is to mimic the method they use. You do not need to be a designer to do this! A few simple things considered, and you will have the perfect photo Christmas cards that will impress all of your family and friends.

Step 1: Select your photo.
The place to start with photo cards is always with your photo, not with the photo card design. Choose the professional or even amateur photo that you want to use and keep it available when you are ready to select your photo card design.

Step 2: Coordinate a photo card.
Take a look at the coloring in your photo. See what color is most prominent in your photo, and begin looking for a design that incorporates that color. Perhaps it is the color of your Christmas sweater, or for a close-up photo a matching green for your eyes. Whatever the case, identify that color and look for designs that most closely match that color. Also consider if your photo works for the design. If the space available is square but the focal point in your photo is very tall, you would be better off picking a different design.

Step 3: Draft your wording.
Follow the Photo Card Wording guide above to create the right wording for your cards. Be sure to select a font color that is present in your card design or photo, and will also stand out from the background. When in doubt, use the sample wording as your guide.
The photo card designers have done all of the hard work for you! Follow their example to create the perfect custom design. With all of your coloring coordinated, you will get that professional, designer appeal that made us fall in love with holiday photo cards to begin with.


Our digital holiday photo cards can be printed with color or black and white photos.



Photo Combinations


Many of the photo cards that we offer at have multi-photo options. The most popular designs have two or three photos for a collage on your holiday greeting cards. Selecting coordinating photos is the most important thing to creating a stunning holiday photo card. Here are a couple of ideas for photo groupings of families.

Just the Kids:
For families with two or three children, designate one photo to each child. This gives the child a chance to shine with a little bit of individuality, while still depicting the entire family. It is easier to capture the personality of one person in a photo than multiple. If you can, have a photo session with your children at the same location so that the photos still coordinate in the background, and look like a cohesive whole.
Kids vs. Parents:
For two photo designs, separate the parents from the children. This lets the children enjoy themselves in a more childish photo and the adults have a more demure image. This can be easily adapted to a three photo design, where the third photo shows the entire family.
Boys vs. Girls:
Similar to the above theme, separate your photos by gender for a two photo design, and incorporate an additional photo of everyone for a three photo design. Go the extra mile and have the girls wear coordinating colors and the boys wear different and complementing coordinating colors. This is a simple way to carry a theme across multiple photos that has a very aesthetically pleasing affect.
Pet Lovers:
Incorporate your pets into the photos too! Let Fido shine in all of his glory in one of your three photos. You can mix pets with family members just the same as any other group.
New Baby:
Highlight a new baby in your photos. Either focus only on the child with different shots of your precious newborn, or incorporate photos of the parents and of the new child. If there are older siblings involved, be sure to include them in at least one photo. A new baby brother or sister is important to children too!

Send greetings to clients or friendsaround the world with our many greeing card options. Happy holidays!
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