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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


New Year's Eve Invitations


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New Years Placesetting Invitation

A fun invitation decorated with streamers and noisemakers all around this New Year's themed placesetting.

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Toast Time Invitation

A classic invitation with a bubbling glass of champagne. The bubblies and crisp aroma is overfloaing onto the invitation!

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Glitzy Sips Invitation

Cocktail drinks with a New Year's flair! This invitation is decorated with colorful cocktails each garnished with New Year's fun.

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POP Invitation

Two filled glasses and a bottle of bubbly! This invitation has a bottle of champagne on ice in a decorated bucket with streamers bursting out.

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Flashy Toast Invitation

A silver and gold invitation showing two champagne glasses that literally have bubbles floating up into the air! A perfect selection for a New Year's Eve party.

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Pop the cork and celebrate the coming New Year! Our New Year's Eve themed invitations are perfect for your countdown to January 1st. They have fun party themes with confetti and champagne to get your guests in a celebratory mood. Each moment will be a lasting memory as you prepare yourself for a fresh start with an entirely new year. Pull out the glasses and pick up your noisemakers, and let us help you celebrate with personalized invitations from!




Countdown to the New Year with a custom New Year's Eve Party Invitation!



Invitation Wording Ideas


The right wording for an invitation can set the mood for the entire event. When celebrating a holiday like New Year's, the tone should be one of frivolity and light-hearted joy. New Year's is a time to set aside the past and begin anew. People make resolutions to change aspects of themselves and their lives. Some cultures clean out their houses, ridding themselves of last year's dust and garbage. However you choose to celebrate with your own party, you will need to phrase your invitation to let your guests know what kind of party to expect. Below are a few of our most-beloved suggestions for New Yea's invitation wording. Simply follow these phrases with the details of your event and reply information.

Please join us
for a little bubbly
and good cheer to toast
the coming New Year!
. . .

As the New Year begins
And the old one ends
We'd love to celebrate
With family and friends!
. . .

The champagne is chilling
And we hope you are willing
To be our guest at a
New Year's Eve Fest!
. . .


Decoration Ideas


New Year's Eve decorations should be filled with glitz and glam. Metallic silver and gold with sparkling glass and crystal is perfect for an elegant celebration. The first rule when decorating for New Year's is to expect a huge mess. People want to make noise and throw confetti in the air! Use New Year's themed confetti on table tops to add extra color, and be sure to hang streamers. Try some of these other decorating techniques to get ready for your event.

Use your leftover holiday wrapping paper as decoration! Adhere the wrapping to come cardstock with spray adhesive and cut into a variety of shapes to suit different needs. Cut into rectangles or circles to line the bottom of your platters and trays. Cut strips to make paper chains, or connect various shapes together (stars, circles, diamonds) to make custom streamers.

Set up a centerpiece made out of timepieces! Include analog clocks of all shapes and sizes to help you countdown to midnight. You can even set clocks to different cities around the world, and label each accordingly!

Create a fun and functional centerpiece out of confetti and noisemakers. Stand long horns on end for height and mix in party blowers and whatever else suits your fancy. Use confetti, tulle, and tissue paper as accents. Be sure to mix in metallic colors so your decorations sparkle in the light.


New Year's Eve invitations available personalized or blank!



A Champagne Twist


Celebrate the New Year with a champagne toast! This is a must, as far as New Year's traditions go. Every year the arrival of January 1st is met with kissing, lots of noise, and glasses filled with bubbly champagne. If you are hosting your own party, you will want to have several bottles on hand for your guests to enjoy the celebration. However, it is no secret that champagne is a little-loved drink by many partakers. Spruce up your champagne with one of these delicious options for a fruity twist that everyone will love! You can serve them in traditional champagne flutes, stemmed glasses, or even switch to punch glasses if you are adding a scoop of sorbet!

  • Stellar Sorbet: Add a scoop of your favorite sorbet to a glass and fill with champagne. You can use raspberry, lemon, or any flavor that you most enjoy. For a little extra décor, garnish the glass with fresh berries or add them to a skewer.
  • Outrageous Orange: Add a splash of Grand Marnier or sweet orange liqueur to the bottom of each glass and top with champagne. Garnish with a twist of sweet orange peel or with a skewer of mandarin slices.
  • Classy Currant: Add a tablespoon of pureed currant to each glass and stir. It will turn your cocktails a brilliant red and add a unique flavor. No extra garnish needed!

Be creative and try mixing your favorite flavors with champagne for a delicious alternative! Take your shot at grapes, lychee, or even passion fruits. Keep your colors bright and add a coordinated garnishing for a perfect finish.

Celebrate the New Year with one of our colorfully decorated laser papers! Perfectly themed for your countdown to midnight.

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