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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Mardi Gras Paper


Featured Products

Royal Throne Paper

A stationery paper that is fit for royalty! This quality laser paper shows the rich violet tapestry that surrounds a traditional throne, with a king and queen's crown resting at the top. The center peak has a gold fleur de lys and a red ribbon. It is all against a rich green background.

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Le Masque Paper

A delightful green mask paper with a golden background and purple and green Mardi Gras beads. Perfect for a Fat Tuesday celebration!

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Mardi Gras Party Paper

This funky border design uses the colors and designs of Mardi Gras to create a unique laser paper. Each side of the border has a different intricate design, all themed perfectly for a Fat Tuesday celebration.

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Beads, Beads Paper

A laser paper for the beads of Mardi Gras! It is decorated with green, purple, and gold plastic Mardi Gras beads with an oval shape in the center for adding your personalized wording.

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Mardi Grase Jewels Laser Paper

A simplistic Mardi Gras border design with a fleur de lis filigree border and a queen and king's crown resting atop a velvet pillow at the bottom.

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Get ready for a Mardi Gras celebration with specially designed stationery paper from Impress In Print! We carry hundreds of Mardi Gras designs to complement your event. Our Mardi Gras stationery is great for sending out as invites and to use to print your menu or schedule of events. You will find brilliant designs with masks, beads, crowns, jesters, and of course purple, green, and gold. If your theme is Mardi Gras or masquerade, we have you covered with blank or printed stationery designs!




Beautiful border designs that use masks and dark, brilliant colors for a Mardi Gras party!



Glitz & Glitter


Mardi Gras is all about luxury! Since the holiday is meant to celebrate the luxuries of life that are abstained from during lent, it is little wonder these luxuries have extended to include gems and riches as much as decadent foods. When decorating for a Mardi Gras party, the key to all decorations is glitz and glitter! Everything can be adorned with gems, sequins, beads, or glitter using the right accents. Here are some ideas for little embellishments that will perfectly complete the major decorating of your party.

  • Stemmed glass charms: Add charms to all of your glasses with stems, not just wine glasses!
  • Gem-topped drink stirrers: Available as glass or plastic, with gems adorning the top to garnish your glass.
  • Beaded toothpicks: Using plastic gem beads, dip one end of each toothpick in glue and then press firmly into the bead.
  • Shimmer or metallic plates: Instead of regular disposable plates, look for shimmer or metallic options!
  • Glittered coasters: Regular cardstock disposable coasters can be beautifully decorated with glitter pens or glue.


Mardi Gras Activities


A great activity to enjoy with kids is Mardi Gras mask decorating. Begin by purchasing simple masks from your local craft store. Or, if you want to go all out, make custom masks using papier mache! Once you have your masks ready, stock up on these fun Mardi Gras decoration aids with preference to gold, green, and purple:

  • Glitter/glitter pens
  • Sequins and plastic gems
  • Embroidered ribbon or trim
  • Plastic bead necklaces
  • Feathers
  • Latex-based paints
  • Ribbon

If you have chosen white masks or your own papier mache masks, begin by painting your masks with designs. Shapes like diamonds and stars around the eyes make a fun addition. Or, try designing your mask like a Mardi Gras-colored version of your favorite animal! Latex-based paints will help you get vibrant colors, will keep your mask from getting soggy, and dry quickly.

Once the paint has all dried, it is time for glitter. Glitter pens make decorating with glitter a cinch, but the old fashioned glue and glitter works great, too. Then, carefully glue on sequins and gems in patterns using tacky glue or all purpose crafts glue. Focus on detailing around the eyes or along lines on your mask. Line your mask with embroidered ribbon or trim using glue.

Now, once everything has dried, you can flip your mask over to glue--or carefully adhere with strong tape--your feathers. A few large plumes with some smaller to accent is perfect. Play around with adding feathers to one side or both. (Tip: Adding small feathers all around, except for around the nose bridge, will give the effect of a wild bird!)

Your masks will generally come with a string when purchased. For a little extra flair, remove this elastic string and replace with ribbon to be tied over the ears and around the back of the head. Alternatively, experiment with attaching a long popsicle stick (that can also be decorated with glitter and gems) to one end of your masks on the interior side. If you have created your own papier mache mask, you will want to use ribbon for fastening as well.


Enchanting Mardi Gras stationery designs with masks, crowns, beads, and king cake!



Mardi Gras Crowns


Another delightful children's craft for Mardi Gras is creating Mardi Gras crowns. These crowns can be crafted into any shape that the children desire, and they will love the opportunity to create a craft that is fun to wear and use when playing. All you need is some card stock and decoration materials. If you like, use glitter, paint or markers, sequins, flat-sided gems, feathers, and even ribbon. Begin by measuring the circumference of each child's head and adding 4 inches. Then, cut a tall strip of cardstock to this length. The end two inches on each side will be used for fastening the crown together. At two inches from the left, cut a straight, vertical line that goes from the top to the middle. At two inches from the right, cut a similar straight, vertical line that goes from the bottom to the middle of the crown. These two incisions can be slipped together on the inside to fasten and keep the additional flaps hidden.

Once you have done this prep work for the crowns, it is time to let your children's imaginations soar. Cutting from the top half only, create spokes of any various shapes for crown. Try mixing in larger and smaller spokes, plus interesting and detailed shapes. Next, use markers or paint to color your crowns. Continue with adding glitter and gluing on sequins and gems. Finally, attach ribbons and feathers as desired for additional flair. Be sure to let all of the glue dry completely before wearing!

Mardi Gras invitations for your Fat Tuesday celebraiont! Decorated with masks, beads, and bright colors.
Invitations perfect for business or corporate events. Great for employee appreciation events!
Celebrating a birthday? Our invitations will be the perfect touch to your party. Your guests will love them!
Designer border stationery for general use. Great as invitations, notes to friends, or announcements.
Fiesta stationery for that special themed party! Try using them for your menu or schedule of events list.
Fun and colorful birthday themed stationery for all of your birthday needs. You can even use it for a birthday wishlist!
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