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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Leaf Invitations


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Leaves Brown Invitation

A trendy brown and metallic gold design with fall leaves along the border. It is a great design for fall events for that special guy!

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Autumn's in the Air Laser Paper

This Fall harvest themed paper captures the reds, oranges, yellows, and greens of the season in the turning Autumn leaves, fruits and berries.

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Entwined Leaves Invitation

A slim invitation with graceful, entwined fall leaves cascading down the side. Great for any fall event, from Thanksgiving to birthdays!

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Fall Leaves Laser Paper

Autumn leaves at the height of their beauty adorn the top and bottom, leaving space for you to customize your paper for any occasion.

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Fall Leaves Greeting Card

Beautiful leaf design on the front with with the words "Wishes You Thanksgiving Greetings." Also room for your family or company's name. The entire inside of the card is a brushed gold.

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The perfect choice for fall decorations is using leaves to bring out the beauty and color of the season. Leaves are incorporated into the decoration of everything in fall. Invitations, cakes, floral arrangements, table cloths and napkins, all these and more enjoy the graceful shape, the radiant colors, and the general thrill of autumn. If you are planning an event in the fall, have a look at our Leaf Invitations and Papers to invite your guests. Matching your invitation to your theme is a must, and with our variety of designs you are sure to find the perfect selection for your special day. We can even help you personalize them!


Click here to go directly to's EXTENSIVE Selection of Leaf Invitations and Leaf Paper.




These Leaf designs are among the most popular Leaf Invitation designs available.

Leaves for Every Season & Occasion:

There are myriad variety of trees on this planet, and just like a fingerprint each one has a unique style of leaf. Some are easily recognizable and have even grown particular significance depending on their location and seasonal timing. Leaves possess such beauty, variety, and color that they are often used in decorations for each season and occasion around the year. Here is a quick list of some popular seasons and their corresponding leaves:

  • Fall: Maple & Oak - These tree leaves are most popular in the fall because of the beautiful colors they turn before falling. In fact, it is these leaves that lend the name to the entire season, and cause the common color schemes of autumn that you know and love.
  • Winter: Pine Needles - One of the few trees to thrive in the winter is the evergreen, which is covered in thin spiky needles instead of traditional leaves. These needles and the trees' pine cones are winter's poster leaves.
  • Spring: Ivy - Spring is the season of abundance, so it is no surprise that this legendarily overgrown plant pops up on elegant spring invitations and in decorations.
  • Summer: Palm - Palm trees do not need the tropics to grow, they just need sun. And summer has a lot of it! You will see the leaves and tops of this popular tree on all manner of summer decorations (tiki or otherwise).
  • Christmas: Holly & Poinsettia - Thriving primarily in winter season, these two plants have become classic to the Christmas holiday because of their red and green coloring.
  • Tropics: Elephant Ears Plant - You may not be familiar with this plant, but as the name suggests, the massive leaves of these plants are native to nearly every tropical climate. As a result, similar giant leaves adorn decorations and invitation designs alike.
  • Success: Olive Branch - Adopted from the Greek, a golden olive branch was used to symbolize success, power, and victory. Interestingly enough, it is also a symbol for peace.

Choosing a leaf to accent your decorations can be as easy as looking at the trees outside your window. They add color and depth to your decorating, serving as both an accent filler and the main attraction.

Decorating with Leaves & Vines:

Adding extra green to your decorations an easy way to add depth and fullness. A little extra foliage in a bouquet of flowers can go a long way. Vines can be used to wrap around posts and trail across mantles. Vines are also a necessity for most wedding arches! Matching the green to your main coloring is as simple as switching to a different type of leaf, as vines and foliage come in all shades and hues in the green family.

When fall comes around, leaves shift from their traditional place as filler and accent to the main decoration. The colorful reds, oranges, and yellows can be scattered around as already fallen leaves, or can be used in gorgeous arrangements as the primary source of color. Be creative and do not hesitate to include a little extra. The great part about decorating with leaves and vines is that you can never have too much of them!


Leaf Note Cards: A Fall Thank You!


Thank you notes are an extremely important part of every celebration. Showing your appreciation for the gifts that you receive is a natural response in the gift-giving process. One of the most popular wedding months is October, as the season change is in its height. But more than just weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and birthdays are all common fall events that involve giving and receiving gifts. It is a great idea to have fall thank you notes on hand or to select a coordinating thank you note for your event. The extra touch of adding the season’s beauty into your thank you note is a tactful and elegant way to give thanks.


These are just a small sampling of the many great Leaf papers! Click on the images to see these items and many other Leaf papers!

Leaf Wedding Invitations:

The best part about planning a fall wedding is the variety of options you have to enhance the season. You can go cranberry and gold, chocolate and pumpkin, forest green, or any number of other color combinations that the season boasts. With so many options to choose from, it is easiest to pick one based on your likes and tastes and then continue with planning everything else. Our gorgeous Leaf Themed Invitations can help you get started!

Once you have settled on a color, continue to pick out the rest of your fall accessories that way. If you have picked orange or rust hues you can accent with oak leaves and pumpkins. If you have picked cranberry then you can continue with darker red leaves and cranberries. For greens you can use pine cones and evergreens (without any red to separate from Christmas colors and themes). Using chocolate gives you plenty of room to accent with pine cones or maple syrup, in addition to the branches themselves.

Wedding decorations are all about mixing and matching. All of our leaf themed invitations capture this variety with elegance and grace, in different levels of formality to suit your specific event.


Leaf Paper: Crafts & Activities


Crafts using leaves are as abundant as the leaves themselves. With such a colorful medium, it is super easy to get creative! Here are a few easy craft ideas to enjoy with your family:

  • Leaf Candles: Make your own candles with white or ivory wax, adding leaves to give color! They are easy to make and are great gifts for the holiday season.
  • Leaf Doorknob Hangers: Use string, raffia, construction paper, markers, and as many leaves as you like! Tie, color, and attach the leaves in any manner of arrangements, and hang them around the doorknobs in your house.
  • Pressed Leaves: Go on a leaf-hunting outing to find the best leaves. Make sure that the leaves are still flexible on not yet stiff and crunchy. Press the leaves in a glass press or between heavy books to preserve them. They can even be framed as decorations and given as gifts.

Leaf Themed Recipes:

Leaf Shaped Cupcake Platter:
Cupcakes are delicious--that’s no secret!--and have the versatility to adapt to any occasion. A great way to make your cupcakes into a fall theme is to frost them with orange and red, and arrange them on the platter in the shape of a leaf. Save three cupcakes for the stem, and arrange the rest into a several pointed leaf. Use yellow cupcake wrappers and any flavor cupcake batter that you want!

Maple Leaf Sugar Cookies: Cookie cutters are a perfect solution for a quick fall themed fix. Sugar cookies are easy to make and with a leaf shaped cutter can be perfect for the fall season. Add brown, red, orange, and yellow sprinkles or frosting for a little bit of color. Also, if you are making your dough from scratch try substituting maple extract instead of vanilla.

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