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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Holiday Stationery


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Deer Elegance Laser Paper

Black damask on the red background border with elegant two reindeer design. Perfect for sending holiday notes to loved ones.

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Black and White with Red Paper

A houndstooth border with an bright red center, this laser paper is perfect for use during the holiday season. It combines a timeless classic with colors of the holidays.

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Christmas Tree Lights Paper

Colorful lights bring out the fun of the holidays! This Christmas themed  laser paper is decorated with a bright string of lights and stars all along the border.

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Holiday Cookies Laser Paper

This delightful holiday themed paper is decorated with a tiered tray filled with colorful cookies and a cup of holiday tea to be sipped and enjoyed. Perfect for a cookie exchange party!

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Deer Cheer Laser Paper

A perfect red border with green background paper for a Christmas party! A festive and colorful design with a candy cane in the funny reindeer's mouth.

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The holidays are the most fun time of year! Enjoy the good company of loved ones, a renewed spirit of giving and joy, and decorations bursting from every home, business, and street corner. The holiday season is meant for celebration of love, life, and humanity. At, we love to help enrich your holiday season with colorful stationery, invitations, and photo greeting cards. Our holiday stationery can be used for a variety of things, including notes to loved ones and as party invitations. Let us help you personalize your order, or print our quality laser papers yourself using an inkjet or laser printer. What's not to love?




See all of our beautiful holiday stationery designs!



Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas


Have you been invited to a holiday party this year? One major faux pas of holiday party etiquette is to show up to the grand event empty handed. It is easy to make a stop at the store and pick up a bottle of wine, bring a decorative Christmas tree ornament, or offer a freshly baked pie. Chances are, several other guests have also thought of these ideas. We have got you covered with some unique ways to say give your hostess a special thank you during the holiday season. To make your efforts really stand out from the rest, try one of these crafty alternatives:

  • Wine accessory set: Gather together a wine bottle opener, some wine glass charms or stickers, an aerator, and a stopper or two. Tie them nicely together with a deep crimson ribbon (like the color of a red wine) and accent with a sheer gold ribbon if desired. This practical combination sticks with a common dinner party theme while adding a particularly functional and impressive twist.
  • Cheeseboard set: Instead of merely bringing an appetizer, arrange a cheeseboard (and glass top) with a few select cheeses, a cheese knife, a small box of specialty crackers, and a set of cocktail toothpicks. Secure the glass cover to the cheeseboard with a white or silver ribbon.
  • Entertaining accessory set: This set can include holiday napkin rings, designer beverage napkins, wine glass charms, appetizer spoons, etc. Arrange all the accessories in a basket that doubles as a bread bowl for optimum use and presentation. Crumple holiday tissue paper into the bottom and use it to offer support to each gift basket addition.


Easy Paper Ornaments


Creating paper ornaments is an easy holiday craft that is enjoyable by children and adults alike. You can use these to add to the decorations of your home, or to give as handmade gifts during the holiday season. They also make great accents to a wrapped gift or holiday basket! Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Shape & Folding: Using a square piece of paper, fold it in half diagonally, and then in half again so the result is a triangular piece. Draw an outline of the snowflake segment first before taking scissors to your paper.
  • Snowflake Spokes: The number of times that you fold your paper will affect the number of spokes on your final result. Folding in half twice (as recommended) would result in 4 spokes. This number can be doubled by tracing and carefully cutting an additional spoke along the middle of your folded triangle, giving you 4 longer spokes and 4 shorter spokes to a beautiful result. Experiment with folding your paper into thirds as well for a unique effect.
  • Colors: Most people associate snowflakes with white, but your decorative snowflakes need not be restricted. Experiment with multiple colors that match your home decor.
  • 3D Snowflakes: When creating a cut out snowflake, it is simple to transcend the 2D paper and create a 3D result. Simply repeat the pattern that you have created on multiple sheets of paper to have several identical flat snowflakes. Then, glue half of one snowflake to half of the next, repeating the process until all of the flakes you desire are glued. Fasten the remaining unglued half to the unglued half of the first snowflake.


Our holiday stationery can be used as holiday notes, holiday party invitations, or even letters to Santa!



Cookie Exchange Checklist


Make your list, check it twice, and get ready to eat some delicious cookies! Having a holiday cookie exchange party is a great way to get together with friends, family and coworkers to celebrate the holiday season. And, preparing for a cookie exchange is easy! First, plan out your event and whether you want your guests to gather solely for the swap, or if you want to have an afternoon of cookie decorating. Generally, light snacks with a good side of cookies is all you need for your menu. Follow this comprehensive checklist and you wont be able to go wrong!

Pre-Event Planning

  • Send out invitations. Include date, time, location, RSVP, and instructions on how many cookies to bring.
  • Select the cookies that you will be making. Gather ingredients and decoration supplies.
  • Plan a menu of snacks and drinks. (Quick Ideas: coffee/tea/cider, salty and savory treats to balance the sweet cookies, fruits/cheese platter)
  • Prepare cookie dough and refrigerate or freeze accordingly.
  • Plan a space for cookie display and dispersing. Create cookie labels for display.
  • Gather extra tins and plastic wrap for guests.

Event Day Planning

  • Bake your cookies the morning of your event, with plenty of time for them to cool.
  • Make and set up snacks and drinks.
  • If decorating with guests, lay out decoration supplies.
  • Set up extra cake and cookie platters with your cookie labels and markers for guests to label and arrange their cookie contribution.

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