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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Holiday Photo Cards


Featured Products

Linen and Red Photo Card

A classic winter photo card design showing a white snowflake against a linen colored background with red decorative squares. It has room for one digitally printed photo.

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Fruit of the Spirit 2 Digital Photo Card

Clean, simple and elegant, this flat digital photo card features five patterned squares of varying colors with the words peace, love, joy, faith and hope. Two photos sit to the left with your personalization at the bottom.

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Rouge Holiday Photo Card

A holiday photo card with a red and white border. The white area features a black antique floral design. Simply attach your photo!

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The God Photo card

An elegant holiday photo card designed with a purple background and a grey band with a snowflake damask that flows across the card. Has a preprinted verse.

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Chartreuse You! Photo Card

A trendy holiday photo card that has a lime green and white border. The white area has a lime green and brown scroll and cross-like design.

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What is the best way to spread a smile during the holidays? With another smile! Photo cards have become an almost infectious tradition during the holiday season because everyone wants to share their beautiful family--whatever shape or size it may be--with those that they care about. The best way to express change is by showing it! Children grow, people change, and all of that is reflected in a simple snapshot. Now that digitally printed photo cards are available, sending customized holiday photo cards is a synch. Let us help you spread a little warmth and happiness with your holiday photo greeting cards this year. At, we offer digital and attachable designs for a custom and personalized or do-it-yourself option!


Click here to go directly to's EXTENSIVE Selection of Holiday Photo Cards.




These photo cards are among the most popular holiday photo card designs available.

Holiday Photo Cards: Top 3 Mistakes

Most photo cards have a minimal amount of wording. They keep it simple, and generally say who it is from along with a greeting or sentiment. Pretty easy, right? Believe it or not, there are three major errors that we see time after time on Holiday Photo Cards. Get in the know, and avoid these mistakes before they are even made. This quick list will make you a photo card greeting pro!

  1. Last Name: It is not as ridiculous as it sounds! Carefully check the spelling of any last names, of course, but also be careful of using plurals. It is easy enough with a typical last name:
    • Last name: Smith
      The Smiths
      The Smith Family

    However, if your last name ends in an 's' things start getting tricky:
    • Last name: Jones
      The Joneses
      The Jones Family

    When in doubt, ask for a little help! Our friendly typesetting staff is always happy to answer questions about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. At, we offer you the option of speaking with your typesetter personally by a quick phone call, or with a representative via our online Live Help system.
  2. Year: Which year do you use? The New Year is just a few days away from the major winter holidays, but don't let that trip you up! Always use the year that we are currently in on your holiday photo cards.
  3. Photos: We offer a ton of holiday photo card options, both digitally printed and attachable photo cards. Be sure that your photos suit the card that you have selected. Designs can call for square, narrow, or standard photos. We handle the cropping for you for digital cards, but be sure that the photo can be cropped into the shape that you will need.


Photograph Color Options


When sending a custom Holiday Photo Card, the most important part is naturally the photo. The way that you share your family with your photo will change the entire look and feel of the photo card. Aside from selecting just the right photograph, there are several coloring options that can also be implemented. Each one will alter the appearance of your photo card, so take a moment to consider these options:

  • Full Color: The natural state of most photos is to have full coloring. These photos tend to be lively and bright, giving a more uplifting and energetic impression. They also offer the greatest variety, as you can select what colors you want to wear or have in the background when taking your photo. Full color photos are a great chose for happy children, pets, and entire families.
  • Black & White: This coloring style gives your photo a classic look, as if you are capturing a moment in time. A simple photo with one or two subjects is ideal for this style. Black and white photos are great for sleeping or serene children and couple shots.
  • Sepia: Sepia coloring brings in an old world, antique feel to your photograph. Just like the black and white, this monochrome coloring style is best with simple subjects. This coloring style is best suited for couples such as engagement or wedding photos.
  • Selective Coloring: A unique coloring option to speak with your photographer about, this coloring style incorporates offering coloring to only select portions of the photo. It can give a similar feel to the old style painted photographs, or can offer a brilliant method of highlighting certain aspects of a photo (eyes, lips, flowers, etc.).


These are just a small sampling of the many great Photo Cards we offer! Click on the images to see these items and many other Holiday Photo Cards!


Holiday Photo Card Styles


There are several different styles of holiday photo cards available to suit your different needs. Understanding the options will help you with selecting the perfect design. To help out, we have compiled a list of options to help you narrow down your selection. With so many designs available at, you are sure to find one with just the right specifications that you will love.

  • Digital vs. Attachable: Photo cards are available either as digital prints or as attachable photo cards. Digital photo cards require you to provide a digital image to print in the design. Attachable photo cards require you to have your own photos printed and include a method to attach them to the card after printing.
  • Flat vs. Folded: Some designs are flat, and thus have all of your personalized wording on the front along with the photo. Others are folded like a traditional greeting card, and will incorporate the photo on the cover with your personalized wording inside.
  • Standard vs. Slim: Photo cards come in a variety of sizes. The two main distinctions are standard invitations and slim invitations. Often, slim invitations give a more formal and custom appeal, and are almost always flat.
  • Single vs. Multiple Photos: The number of photos on our photo cards will vary from 1-4, depending on the design. All designs that incorporate more than one photo will be digitally printed. Attachable photo cards only can accommodate one photo.

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