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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Holiday Birth Announcements


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Swirly Ornaments Holiday Digital Photo Card

This long flat card features three photos on a whimsical background of tone-on-tone green swirls, highlighted by a lighter green b band and a background of tone-on-tone red swirls at the bottom.

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Jolly Holiday Red Digital Photo Card

This fun and whimsical Holiday digital photo card will be sure to make friends and family smile. Three photos encased in a green band top a playful header of "jolly holiday" with ornament embelishments.

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Sweater Border Red 2 Photo Card

A delightful red and chocolate holiday design with white trim that mimics the pattern of a Christmas sweater. With room for two photos, it is perfect for sharing two children or a newborn during the holiday season.

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Baby Sweater Blue Photo Card

A beautiful photo card design with a blue and ivory argyle background and a floral design behind your personalized wording. A perfect choice for announcing a new birth or sending family holiday greeting cards!

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Brown Ornamental Photo Card

This personalized Digital Photo card is Fun and Festive! It has a brown, red, and blue background in an ornamental pattern perfect for the holiday season.

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Celebrating a new birth is an extremely special occasion to be shared with everyone that you hold dear. When your new bundle has arrived near the holidays, it is the perfect time to send out holiday themed birth announcements that can double as your holiday greeting cards! With options to share one or multiple photos depending on the design, holiday birth announcements are the perfect choice. Our variety of digital and attachable photo birth announcements make sending your beautiful baby a cinch. If you prefer a traditional non-photo design, we have options for you as well! Take a look at all of our Holiday Birth Announcements and let us help you spread the magic of a new life during the winter holiday season.




We have a beautiful array of holiday birth announcements to show of your new baby!



Birth Announcements: What to Include


When sending birth announcements, photo cards are the preferred method. You get to announce the birth of your little one while sharing that cute little face with those that you love. Photo cards can incorporate one or multiple digital photos depending on the design, as well as your personalized message. A beautiful way to share your new joy with everyone you know!

Need a little help getting started? Here is a quick guide on what to include in your holiday birth announcements.

  • Greeting: Any message will do. It can be as simple as "Happy Holidays!" or as complex as a custom verse written by you. Other popular choices include quotations, such as bits of poems, popular works, or scripture.
  • Name: The most important thing that everyone wants to know, what you named your child! Be sure to include first and middle names. Last names can be left to personal preference, as they come from the parents’ names.
  • Time of Birth: It is not enough to simply say the date here. Include the day of the week, full date, and time of day.
  • Size: Share your little bundle’s weight and length at time of birth.
  • Family: Listing parents and siblings is a nice touch to complete your whole family picture after your new baby is announced. Phrases such as "Proud Parents" and "Big Sister" are often used.


Get to Know the Options


Ordering birth announcements is an extremely simple 3-step process with Unsure of where to start? Here are the steps to any personalized order:

  • Step 1: Select a Design
  • Step 2: Enter your information. (This includes your billing, shipping, and personalized wording information.)
  • Step 3: View your proof. (You have the option to approve, request changes, and even see a new proof.)

The most difficult part for you will be selecting just one design to order for your occasion. We have so many great options that it is possible you will have trouble narrowing them down to just one for your holiday birth announcements. Here is a list of the options available for birth announcements to help you pick the perfect one for your new baby.

  • Photo: We have birth announcements that have photos as well as ones that do not.
  • Digital: Many of our photo birth announcements incorporate one or more digital photos. However, we also have designs available for attachable photos if you prefer to get prints yourself.
  • Gender: We have designs for girls, boys, both, neutral, and the holiday season!
  • Backside Printing: Some of our designs are printed on both the front and back, while others stick to the traditional front-side-only printing.
  • Embellishments: Select designs have options to embellish them with ribbons, gems, or even glitter!

With an idea of all the options available to you, it may be easier to picture that perfect card. Take a look at our entire selection of holiday birth announcements and holiday photo cards that can be personalized with whatever text you choose.


Spread holiday warmth with a themed birth announcement!



Perfect Baby Photos


As precious as they are and as perfect as they may seem, newborn babies are anything but perfect. This presents a particular challenge when trying to photograph your new baby to send birth announcements. They tend to have red splotches or sporadic rashes and dry patches from being born, sleep very little, and cry more than a lot. How, then, can you manage to capture your little one during those few perfect moments when they are nothing but sweet and adorable? Here are a few tips from a professional photographer to help you out:

  1. Patience. The first rule in photographing an infant is patience. You need to be able to wait until they fall asleep and you can arrange them in just the right way. It may take several attempts at home, but it is worth it.
  2. Colors. Babies are best photographed with light, pale colors. They accent the skin without distracting too much, and offer an overall soft glow in your photographs. If you are having trouble getting your photos to turn out, try using a white blanket as your background setting. These photos can also easily be turned into black and whites.
  3. Close-up. Unlike most people, a baby is always ready for a close-up. Tight shots around your baby's face and hands are perfect for photo cards. They offer the right focal point with little background distractions. Your newborn will be able to shine!
  4. Editing. Once you have the right shot with the right angle and feel, you may be disappointed that your new baby does not look as beautiful as you expected. This is because the camera captures all the tiny skin imperfections that newborns often have. Take advantage of your photo editing software to try and smooth away these little bumps and blotches. If you are having trouble with redness, switch the photo to black and white and proceed from there.

When the holidays are quickly approaching, we have just what you need to complete your holiday party. Christmas holiday invitations to delight all ages!
Colorful and holiday themed laser paper perfect for the holiday season! Use these stationery papers for letters to Santa or notes to loved ones during the holidays.
Announce the arrival of your new little boy with a custom birth announcement. Our selection includes options with or without photos of your little one!
Send you greeting cards with a beautiful custom label, or add custom gift tags to all of your holiday gifts. They make the perfect finishing touch!
1-2-3... Smile! Our beautiful array of digital photo cards help you send smiling faces to loved ones across the nation. Crisp digital printing and hundreds of designs to choose from!
Announce the arrival of your special baby girl with one of our girl birth announcement designs. We have a variety with our without photos for you to choose from!
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