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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Halloween Paper


Featured Products

Happy Halloween Laser Paper

This orange and black paper is decorated with spooky ghost designs across the bottom, and spells out the words "Happy Halloween." The top is a bright orange design perfect for all the wording that you need for your Halloween Party!

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Spiderweb Fantasy Laser Paper

A black and orange bordered laser paper that is decorated with spiders webs on top and bottom and also has orange scroll to add a sophisticated touch for a halloween company party or halloween school function.

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Superstitious Kitty Laser Paper

Don't get spooked by this black cat! It's just one of our adorable and fun Halloween laser papers! Decorated with an orange background, this paper shows a black cat with hair raised on it's back and glowing green eyes.

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Spooktacular Laser Paper

Great for halloween, this stationery has a striped background with all the colors of fall. A fall pumpkin perched on the lower right hand corner of the border completes this design.

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Creepy Web Laser Paper

Great for halloween, this paper has a black cobweb designer bordered laser paper has small fun wording that is created for a halloween fun time!

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Spooks and frights, ghouls and ghosts, little monsters and vampires! Halloween is a time to let your imagination run wild and celebrate the scary legends in our culture. Halloween has evolved into more than a celebration of the dead, it is a time to bring to life literature, fantasy, and imagination. Children love to learn about the frightening and unusual, and adults love to spark a little thrill in children and let loose a bit themselves. If you are planning on celebrating this favorite of themed holidays, take advantage of some of our quality laser papers to accent your event! At Impress In Print, we have a variety of simple and intricate designs to suit your needs, and can even help you personalize them!




Go green for Halloween! We have an aweome variety of spooky papers for your party.



Halloween Themes & Decorations


When it comes to party themes, Halloween has the ultimate variety of options. Since Halloween is focused around having fun dressing up in crazy costumes, all you need to do is pick a costume theme and decorate to match. If you're a lover of video games, then go all out with a Halloween video game party and have your guests come dressed as their favorite character. The theme could be anything, from classic teen movies to mainstream monsters.

Try to incorporate your theme, whether funny, spooky, or just plain creative, into every aspect of your party. Go beyond table decorations and plates to include wall decorations, life-size props, and theme carved pumpkins. The more exaggerated your decorations, the more of a hit your party will be! And don't be afraid to get outrageously creative with household items. Throwing sheets over lamps and coat racks or using bits of old costumes to enhance your decorations are great, low-budget ways to accessorize without going overboard on your expense.

Haunted Houses

If you are one of those families that really loves Halloween and opens up your very own haunted house to spook and scare, then chances are you have a lot of people to invite to your terror filled event. A great way to get everyone together is by using Halloween Paper as invitations to give to your friends, family, and neighbors. Pick a design that's truly frightening to get everyone in the mood or select a fun design with a Halloween theme for the kids. Once you have distributed all of your paper invitations, you will need to think about how you want to decorate your haunted house. Go the extra mile and mirror the theme of your paper in your decorations.

Not everyone has the time to plan out their own haunted house, and that's ok! Pretty much every city across the US has annual Haunted Houses set up for all to attend. Coordinate your timing with friends and family by inviting them to meet you at the haunted house of your choice, and host a pre- or post-party.


Halloween Paper: Use As Invitations!


The larger the event you have, the more invitations you will need to let everyone know. If you do not have much of a budget for cardstock invitations, using a Halloween Paper is a great alternative. You can print them yourself at home, or for select designs we can print the personalization for you! Also, you can use the same paper for your invitations during your party for activities and games. It's easy to pass out papers at the office like flyers or distribute one to each of your neighbors without having to worry about envelopes and postage. Then again, if you do want to send them in the mail we have coordinating envelopes for all of our products!

We have Halloween papers that are themed more for children or more for adults. We even have papers with a formal look if your party has a more refined theme. Whether you are looking for ghosts, gravestones, black cats, or haunted houses we have something for you. We even have a large selection of jack-o-lantern designs for a pumpkin carving party. Check out all of our Halloween Designs from!

Halloween Paper Activities

Keeping kids entertained at a Halloween party is an important task. The last think you want is a bunch of sugar-filled hooligans jumping around your house, even if it is mostly kid proof. Host a few guided activities to help channel their energies into productive, creative, and fun options. Our Halloween Laser Papers can help! Pass them around and give kids the task of creating the spookiest ghost story with a prize for the winner. You can print off your own Halloween bingo pages, Halloween word searches, or instructions for a Halloween themed scavenger hunt with prizes to boot.

Swap out the paper for your favorite games to make a Halloween version instead (think Halloween Pictionary or Halloween charades). Have your guests write their names on papers as they come in for a chance to win a small raffle, or even write down answers to a Halloween riddle for the chance to win a gift. The possibilities are endless!

Give your party thrills with laser papers decorated perfectly for Halloween!



Halloween Paper: Costume Parties


Having a Halloween party without costumes is impossible. If you are hosting a Halloween party then you are expecting at least some of your guests to show up in costume, and as the host they are expecting you to take the lead. Help your guests out by giving them a theme to work with, or some costume ideas. You can go retro, futuristic, movie themed, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

The most important part of a costume party is immersion in the theme, especially for adult parties. If your guests feel like they are stepping into a little world of Halloween, the costumes they come in will feel fun instead of forced. The more elaborate the costume the better, so be sure that you have yourself dressed up without taking short cuts.

That does not mean that you need to spend a fortune on your costume. Chances are you or someone in your household has enough make-up to avoid spending excess on overpriced Halloween face paint kits. You can also create brilliant colored creams by crushing up eye shadow and mixing it with a little lotion or petroleum jelly (like Vaseline). Or, mix a little with eye shadow into some lip gloss or balm if you plan on using it on your lips.

Don't be afraid to make alterations to old clothes to get a desired effect. Cutting up an old t-shirt to create a bandana, armband, or waist wrap. The more layers and details you can add, the better your costume will appear. Halloween costumes are all about fun and creativity, not the amount of money you spend!

Halloween Candy Creations

One of the major reasons that kids love Halloween so much is the candy loot they get from trick-or-treating. As they are jumping in sugar-overloaded joy, you are probably cringing on the after effects of eating so much sugar—everything from the mood swings to the tooth aches. The real question is, how can you put that candy to good, fun use without being eaten and have the kids agree willingly? The answer is in crafts and activities!

Encourage your kids to keep a few pieces of their favorites, and use the rest to make haunted candy houses, ghoul statuettes, or their very own nightmare creations! Who says that gingerbread houses are restricted to Christmas? If Jack Skellington can take over Christmas Town, then your kids can too. You can even host a Halloween party where you provide some well-selected candies for just the occasions. Be sure to have a variety of colors, a bit of frosting or marshmallow cream for glue, and some interesting sizes. The more candy involved, the more elaborate the result!

Friendly or freaky, these ghost papers are decorated with a Halloween favorite, in glowing white!
Don't be a bag of bones for Halloween... or maybe do with skeleton Halloween products!
Everyone loves a wicked witch, and we have a ton of products with this perfect Halloween theme!
A wide variety of cardstock invitations. We offer all of our invitation designs blank or personalized.
We have a variety of fall papers that are great for a harvest celebration, thanksgiving, or a simple fall get-together.
Colorful paper designs for the Christmas and Holiday Season! Great as holiday send outs.
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