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 Graduation invitations - ImpressInPrint Paper ProductsGraduation invitations - Themes

Graduation invitations are available through ImpressInPrint. Graduation invitations are exciting, special cards announcing a big event and your personalized Graduation invitations will enhance an event that is already wonderful.

These are just a few samples of the wonderful graduation invitation designs we have for you to choose from for your custom graduation invitations!
Graduation invitations - ImpressInPrint Paper Products Graduation invitations - ImpressInPrint Paper Products Graduation invitations - ImpressInPrint Paper Products

Graduation invitations - ImpressInPrint Paper ProductsGraduation invitations - Ideas

Graduation is a welcome and joyous occasion. People want to see pictures of your graduate so it is highly recommended to choose photo cards as your Graduation invitations. Since we are talking about photos for your Graduation invitations, it is a timeless gift to give such a precious memento of your graduation event. The special accomplishments and honors would be included on your Graduation invitations as a rule but with ImpressInPrint, other personal messages and rememberances of school events or milestones for the graduate can also be included.

-Graduation invitations -  ImpressInPrint Paper ProductsGraduation invitations - Inclusions

When you are preparing your personal Graduation invitations, you may want to include a copy of the graduation newspaper clipping. Another popular inclusion for your Graduation invitations and announcement is a tassel or strand of the tassel.

Graduation is a once in a life-time event. Give your event the prestige and honor it deserves! You need to send out the very best invitations for your graduate that you can possibly get, and you have that through Graduation Invitations are special - so get the very best through now!


There are a few events we experience that are life-changing. Having children, getting married and graduations are some of those important life events. Graduation marks a certain time in life that is perceived to be a rite-of-passage. The graduate has completed a phase of their life that will not be repeated - unless going for another college degree! Graduation celebrates that passage and the expectation that a new phase of life has begun. Even kindergarten classes have graduation that celebrate the beginning of a grade school "career" and the successful completion of the first year of organized school participation. There is reason to celebrate all of these milestones in life and a graduation party is a great way to continue the graduation ceremony.

No matter what the occasion, has perfect invitations and announcements for your gathering!

Featured Party Decoration Idea

Graduation is a solemn ceremony for some and for others, it is not. Whatever your graduate's take is on the event, you can suit their mood and reverence or revelry with appropriate after-party decoration.

For graduates that are honored and reverent about their special rite of passage, formal decoration can be attained by assuming a formal "black tie" posture with decorations. White linen tablecloths, silver flatware, champagne (if of legal age) or sparkling cider add a formal flair to the graduation party ambience. Consider hanging white satin curtains at available doorways and windows in the room enhanced with satin black or dark blue tie-backs. Satin tie-backs for curtains can be made to reflect school colors. If the graduate is graduating with certain distinctions, there are specific colors of robe, sashes and hoods that stand for the stature of the graduate and their position. These colors or stripes would certainly be appropriate to use in curtain or table covering combinations to further honor the graduate and their accomplishments with distinction.

Recipe to Enhance Your Party

Turn grad caps up-side-down and spray generously with clear acrylic paint. This usually stiffens the fabric enough to use the caps as "bowls" for chips, mints, candies, nuts and other finger-foods.

Normally, graduation parties do not feature heavy foods or elaborate food preparations unless you are going for the formal celebration setting. Appropriate foods and beverages for a light-hearted graduation party affair can include chips and dip, thin crust-trimmed ham and cheese finger-sandwiches, mixed nuts and a graduation celebration cake. If you make the cake yourself, it is a fun party idea to take the "diamond" off of "ring pops" and put a few in the cake batter before baking so the "diamonds" are cooked into the cake. Ring pops are hard sugar candy "diamonds" mounted on plastic ring "settings" found in most grocery stores or drug stores. Prizes can be awarded to graduation party guests that find a "diamond" in their cake piece.


Graduation Invitations are special - so get the very best through now!

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