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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


First Communion Invitations


Featured Products

Classic Cross Blue Invitation

This blue and white cardstock invitation is decorated with a damask diamond tiled background. There is a large brown cross in the center with a brown stripe border along the bottom. It is a great choice for a first communion or baptism.

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Pink Cross Die-Cut Invitation

This pale pink card is decorated with a damask white border. An die-cut circle with a cross and satin ribbon is attached to the top. Colorful and fun imprintable background card includes die-cut with bow that attaches to background card with sticky tab provided.

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Taupe Filigree Cross Invitation

This beautiful invitation is decorated with a taupe and chocolate filigree border and has a matching cross with a soft yellow outline decorating the left side. It's a great choice for a baptism or first communion invitation.

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Blue Cross Ribbon Invitation

Silky pastel blue ribbon weaves into the card from the back to make an elegant cross (customer assembly required). The blue border and inlaid design on the cross make it an ideal choice for a boy's christening or first communion.

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Pretty in Pink Baptism Flat Digital Card

This Pink Cross with a Brown bordered edge makes a great impression for baptism or first communion events. The background of the card is cream, with a few little pink butterflies floating around. This card comes with a white envelope.

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Announce a very important and personal day for you and your family. To accentuate the formal occasion with grace and quality, customize your First Communion Invitations from First communion is a celebration of the time that a child partakes in the sacrament of communion for the first time. In other words, they are taught the significance of the bread and wine associated the body and blood of Jesus and get to consume it for the first time. It is a solemn yet celebratory religious occasion that families will commemorate with a formal first communion reception event following the service.




First communion invitations for boys, girls, and even twins! Take a look at our extremely popular black and white, classic first communion invitations with vellum overlays.



When to Order your First Communion Invitations


First Communion Invitations need to include important information for your invited guests. Since this is a formal occassion, you will need to order your first communion invitations with enough time to send them 6 - 8 weeks in advance of the ceremony date. That means you should start browsing personalized invitation designs 2 - 3 months in advance. Begin planning your special event and reception with one of our first communion party invitations.

Are you getting a late start or running short on time? No need to worry! can work with you to rush process your first commuion invitations so that you receive them right away. Contact us today to discuss how quickly we can have your invitations dilivered to your door.

First Communion Gift Ideas

Most first communion gifts will be religious in nature. A cross, a rosary, and a prayer bible are all typical and appropriate gifts. A card that accompanies a monetary gift is also acceptable for First Holy Communions. Nonreligious gifts are just as common as religious ones. Generally, toys and clothes that one might give for a birthday will be avoided. Instead, gifts like stationery sets, accessories, and trinkets with sentimental value are preferred. For example, a young lady might appreciate an inscribed jewelry box, while a young man might enjoy a fancy watch.


First Communion Invitations: What to Include


Generally, guests of first communion ceremonies are family, close friends, people who you percieve will be a part of your life, and members of your religious organization.

Choose your elegant style from our selection of first communion invitations and consider some or all of the suggested information concerning what to include on your cards below. Since this is considered a formal occasion, it is highly recommended to stay away from using abbreviations of any kind.

  • First Communion Invitation Greeting: Make a short statement of a personal nature on behalf of your family about how dear and important this occassion is and your family wants the guest to share it with you.
  • Occasion: State that your event is a first communion, and also include the name of the child receiving the sacrament.
  • Date and Time: Day, date of the first communion ceremony followed by the time. (Ex. Saturday, the twenty-seventh of September at eight o'clock in the evening)
  • Location: It is very important that your First communion invitations contain the name of the place you are holding the ceremony. The address should only include the street and city. You can include the state should out of town guests be invited. Zip codes are not included in the location address.
  • Reception: Most first communion celebrations have a time and location at the church where the first communion will be. The date (if different), time, and location of the reception should also be included on your invitation. Be sure to give a restaurant or building name if applicable.

Sample Wording for First Communion Invitations:

Most of the information of a first communion invitation is fairly straighforward. For example, you must include the honoree, date, time, location, etc. The most difficult portion to select will likely be your introductory greeting. Here are some common samples to give you a general idea of what can be said.

Please join us in celebrating the
First Holy Communion
James Andrew
Saturday, May 14, 2011
at 11:00 a.m.
St Bartholomew Church
460 Ryders Lane
East Brunswick, New Jersey
Celebration Luncheon to follow
Forsgate Country Club
Monroe Twp., New Jersey

The introductory section to your invitation can also be more stylized, to include a small poem or quote.

The bread of life...
The cup of joy...
This will be a blessed day
Please join us to celebrate
Anna Maria's
First Holy Communion


An elegant selection of first communion invitations from Impress In Print!



First Communion Reply Cards


Since First communion invitations are considered to be sent for a formal occasion, it is proper and customary to include RSVP cards with a stamped reply envelope. Even for semi-formal receptions, including reply cards with your invitation is extremely common. Your RSVP cards and envelopes can easily be customized, and pre-printed with your address on the RSVP return envelope to send with your first communion invitations. This will save you a lot of time and provide formal, high-quality invitations and reply cards for this important event. We offer free return envelope printing on personalized RSVP card orders!

The RSVP card should include a line for the respondent to write in their name and address. A "reply by" date is usually included to entice recipients to reply as soon as possible. If meal selections are applicable for your event, they can also be included on the reply card so that your guests can make their individual selections.

Reply Card Sample Wording

RSVP cards are much smaller than invitations, and should not include an excess of wording. Here is a traditional sample wording used for all different events, not just First Holy Communions.

Kindly reply on or before March 30th
Number of guests ___
___ will attend
___ will not attend

Customizable first holy communion invitations all with a golden theme perfect for boys and girls.

Elegant first communion invitations with a silver theme. Perfect for boys, girls, and twins on their special day.
Personalized first communion invitations themed specially for young boys.
Personalized first communion invitations themed specially for young girls.
These communion invitations are decorated with a classic communion chalice and host.
Our selection of elegant first communion invitations that are decorated with a cross.
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