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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Designer Christmas Cards


Featured Products

Foil Wreath Greeting Card

Beautiful gold and burgundy foiled embossed holiday card with package die cut. Blank inside is perfect for corporate holiday cards or for the individual that would like to add their own personal greeting.

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Winter Berry Branch Vertical Photo Greeting Card

A beautiful photo card design with front and back full color printing. It is decorated with holly berries on a winter evergreen branch.

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Pups with Scarf Greeting Card

Adorable puppies at play with a red winter scarf in the snow. This greeting card spreads the magic of Christmas with a smile that babies of all types bring.

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Holiday Dot Red Flat Photo Card

A fun black and red polka dot photo card. this bring the traditional color of holiday red with a fun dot theme and is sure to be a great greetings for friends and family.

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Penguin Greeting Card

This fun office greeting card shows penguins at work in an ingloo-like office doing daily office tasks while wearing Santa hats. So cute!

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Every year, families busy themselves with redecorating their houses, erecting elaborate Christmas trees, baking cookies, and sending notes to one another. At, we want to help you send your special holiday messages to give you more time to do the things that are most important to you. We offer personalized greeting and photo cards in a wide variety of styles and options to fit your specific needs. Sharing your loved ones with others is important during the holiday season, and we help you make it easy. We can even accomodate businesses with large quantity and time sensitive orders. Contact us for a custom quote and to inquire about business logo printing.




These designer greeting cards are among the most popular Christmas card designs available!



Designer Christmas Tree Tips


Christmas tree decorating is an art as well as a joy for many crafty Christmas celebrators each year. New decorations and styles are produced each year to enhance the beauty of your home during the holiday season. Further, decorating trees is an important family tradition for many families across the nation. Getting that perfect tree can add immeasurable sentimental value to the season itself in the atmosphere that it creates in your home. Because this particular bough-hanging task is taxing for even the simplest of trees, why not start from the get-go with a plan for a gorgeous designer-style tree? There are a few easy tips to follow to get the designer look that you are craving to augment the holiday decorations in your home without too much demand on you.

When it comes to designer trees, bigger is always the way to go. Giant ornaments and arrangements are what create a stunning tree, so do not be afraid that you are going "too large." After your lights are sufficiently placed, begin hanging your ornaments around the tree. The more ornaments the better! One notion to rid your mind of is the idea that ornaments can only be hung on the outer branches of your tree. Reach in and hang ornaments off the inner branches to create dimension.

Accessories besides ornaments are a must. Floral arrangements in loose sprays or even nosegays are perfect to add to your tree. Consider making 6 or 7 similar arrangements and place them sporadically around the facing side of your tree. Almost any type of flower can be added to your tree, though you will want to follow your color theme. Gold, silver, white, or ivory make great accent colors to avoid having an overly colored tree (which can become distracting and gaudy instead of bold and elegant).

Once your floral bundles are securely fastened to your tree, begin connecting them with ribbon, strings of beads, tinsel, or whichever accessory you prefer. Feel free to mix more than one color or pattern that stays within your color theme. If you go with ribbon, you can also add bits of ribbons and bows to your floral arrangements.

Finally, you need to work on your topper. Again, the bigger the better with toppers. You can find a variety of pre-designed stars and angels to accent, or you can create your own bow, a very popular trend lately. Whichever the case, accent your topper with sprigs of any kind--flowers, glittered stars, confetti sprays, etc.--that offers more dimension to your topper and fills in the space.

Creating the perfect tree is not an extremely difficult feat, and you need not be a professional designer to get a professional designer look. Take a few extra moments to work with your tree and be certain that everything is securely fastened. Broken down into these easy steps, the look you always wanted is now an easy way to add beauty to your Christmas holiday decorations.


Designer Christmas Colors


The hot colors of the holiday season will rotate with every year. Certain colors will last for several years, or make reappearances in altered themes and styles as the years progress, until they are eventually shelved for an inevitable revival. This year, gold has gone crazy! The main winter color is gold, accented with white, ivory, silver, tan, or even a light copper. These colors are being used on everything from Christmas trees to upholstery in preparation for the winter season.

Consider switching up the decorations on your tree to incorporate more gold. This is simple with ribbons and ornaments in gold and gold patters using classic white lights. Add accents to your home, including candles, pillows, and small decorations. Try filling a glass bowl with a variety of gold ornaments tied with simmering bows. There are a variety of ways to add this simple color to your home with incredible affect. Further, you do not need to try and re-coordinate your current coloring! Gold matches with almost any traditional decor. However, if gold just will not do then switch to silver or copper for a similar effect.

Not only does this classic color bring elegance and style to any environment, it is also certain to be reused for years to come. If not as the main color again next year, gold is almost always incorporated into the accent decorations during the Christmas season. And with every major retailer rolling out their gold-themed holiday collections now, you will have the perfect opportunity to find decorations to suit your taste!


Take a look at our entire selection of designer Christmas Cards!



Easy Designer Christmas Cookies


Making designer Christmas cookies for the holiday season is a lot easier than it looks. Many of the designer cookies are so intricately decorated that the time spent in creating may just make them worth the hefty price. But this year, instead of spending a small fortune on delicious treats you may just want to try your hand at making them yourself. It can be surprisingly simple by following a few tips to get you professional looking and homemade designer cookies.

The best place to begin is to pick your type of cookie. Gingerbread or solid sugar/butter cookie is ideal so you can handle the cookie without it crumbling to bits. Then, break out the cookie cutters. Stick with simple designs like snowflakes, ornaments, and Christmas trees. (Avoid reindeer, gingerbread men, etc. unless you are confident of your artistic skill.) The larger the better, so toss those tiny cookie cutters from two decades ago back into the drawer.

Colors and styles are the most important thing to making designer cookies. Believe it or not, simple is what leads to designer looks. Stick to white on white for all designs or add some silver and gold metallic icing if it is available. If you are a stickler for colors then use white icing for the base of your cookies and a light colored frosting for your designs.

All designer cookies have garnishing that make them stand out. Head to the wedding aisle for this trick and find those tiny metallic sprinkle balls in silver and gold. Use these to garnish all of your cookies to give them sparkle.

After you have put a layer of icing on all of your cookies, it is time to add frosting decorations to them. Stick with thin lines and follow distinct and repeating patterns (for example swirls, argyle-like crosses, etc.). For snowflakes, straight lines along the main branches are all you need. Add a few of your metallic sprinkles and your designer cookies are set! Enjoy!

Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends. No big get-together is complete without themed invitations to announce the event! Take a look at our variety of cute and trendy Christmas invitations!
Elegant or fun, these invitations are perfect for your big corporate event or your small holiday office party. We can even print your company logo for a professional touch!
Holiday stationery available in all your favorite Christmas and winter holiday themes! A great variety for any notes, messages, or events during the holiday season.
Use these wonderfully decorated seals and labels to accent your holiday cards and gifts. Add your address or your personalized message!
This vast selection of holiday photo cards are all used with attachable photo prints. Personalize your own message at home, or let us do it for you so all you have to do is attach the photos!
These holiday cards are perfectly themed for the corporate world, sharing warm wishes and gratitude to employees and clients.
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