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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Corporate Holiday Greeting Cards


Featured Products

Joy & Best Wishes Boxed Greeting Card

Red striped background with the words "Joy and best wishes" in sivler embossed foil, and accented with an elegant hanging ornament in the center.

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Green Holly & Berries Greeting Card

An eco-friendly greeting card made from 100% recycled paper. This card has a sprig of holly with red berries against a green background.

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Diamond Elegance Invitation

A beutiful design with gold foling of holiday branches with bright red ribbon. The outside reads "Happy Holidays" and the inside is blank for your greeting.

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Heaven & Nature Greeting Card

An eco-friendly greeting card made from 100% recycled paper. It shows an aspen forest thick with snow on a winter evening.

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Foil Ornament Greeting Card

Beautiful silver and gold foiled embossed holiday card. Blank inside is perfect for corporate holiday cards or for the individual that would like to add their own personal greeting.

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The best time of year to spread sentiments of appreciation and good wishes is during the winter holiday. Businesses across the nation take this time to extend their gratitude to the customers, clients, and employees they are most thankful for. Hard work, loyalty, and good business during the year is the reason that companies annually send out holiday greeting cards. At, we understand the value of being grateful as well as the importance of sharing this message. We specialize in helping businesses with all different needs send out the perfect message to the people they appreciate the most. We offer a prompt and professional touch to your annual tradition of sending out Corporate Holiday Greeting Cards. Let us help your company in sending this time-honored message!


Click here to go directly to's EXTENSIVE Selection of Christmas Invitations.




These Christmas Invitations are among the most popular Christmas Invitation designs available.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office

When given an option between a gift or a bonus at the holiday season, you do not have to be a brain surgeon to figure out which choice is by far preferable. However, that does not mean that giving office gifts is an archaic or obsolete practice. Rather, when looked at as an optional supplement, this small addition to the budget can be one of the most meaningful.

Offering gifts to your team can be an important gesture in extending your appreciation as manager or leader for the effort that your teammates have put in. That personal touch lets your peers or subordinates know that to you they are more than a corporate wheel, and that their hard work over the year has not gone unnoticed. Go the extra mile, and include a personalized note with each gift that you give highlighting the strengths that you most appreciate. Spreading positivity in this manner can boost morale and revitalize employees over a holiday slump.

Here are a couple of ideas on small gifts to get you started:

  • Personalized stamps or stationery: Give each member a personalized address stamp or a personalized stationery/notepad set. It is easy and affordable to get personalized stationery products! We offer several designs for both Stamps and Notepads
  • Mug and coffee/tea set: Almsot everyone is either a coffee or a tea drinker. Offer a gift set that incorporates one of these two themes. Great, pre-assembled gift sets are available that will include a mug or tea-for-one set, samples of coffee and tea, spoons, sugar, honey, and any other themed accessories to complete the gift.
  • Designer pen: Everyone enjoys signing their name with a pen that impresses. There are a ton of different brands that create designer pens that make perfect holiday gifts. They offer class and sophistication appropriate for the business world, while having a practical daily use.
  • Team dinner: Not a fan of individualized gifts? Instead of giving an object, host a team dinner aside from the normal holiday party. Choose a location and activity as a team and enjoy each other's company. A great alternative that gives everyone a good time while still having the same effect.


Corporate Greeting Cards: Saving Money


Sending out greeting cards during the holiday season can be a financial strain on small businesses trying to survive in a rough marketplace. The primary focus when selecting a design may be on saving money. Aside from simply selecting the most inexpensive design, here are a couple of things to look into that can help save a little extra and make the entire holiday outreach easier and more impactful.

  • Order Blank/Preprinted: When placing your order for greeting cards, you will notice that the pricing for blank is naturally lower than the pricing for personalized. Printing your own personalization for folded greeting cards is a cinch, especially if you have done it before. We also have tons of designs that come with preprinted greetings. Skip printing your business name and instead add a personal touch by signing them with a handwritten signature. It will make a lasting impression on your recipient, as well as help lower your cost.
  • Mail Sorting: Contact your local post office and inquire about mail sorting. If you provide the post office with pre-sorted mail following their specific criteria, it reduces your cost on postage per piece. It will require a little extra time on your end putting everything in order, but the amount of money it can save you when sending out a large quantity of greeting cards is definitely worth it.
  • Flexible with Designs: Keeping flexible with your design choice is a must when trying to pinch your budget. At, we pride ourselves in our competitive pricing, yet each card will vary depending on the different features it has. Take a look for the one with the features that suit you, and also the budget that suits you. If you have selected a design with too many bells and whistles to fit your budget, don’t hesitate to take a small step back. We have incredible designs in all price ranges!
  • Promotions: Keep a close eye on your inbox, as the holiday season is a huge time for promotions! Throughout the winter holiday, we are constantly cycling through different sales and promotions. When the right one for your company hits, be sure you are ready to jump! For an inside scoop on new designs and current sales, check out our Home Page.


These are just a small sampling of the many great Christmas Invitations! Click on the images to see these items and many other Christmas Invitations!


Corporate Greeting Cards: Saving Time


The end of the year wrap up is one of the busiest times for many businesses across the nation. With so much work to be done, the holiday season can sneak up on you before you know it. If you are short on time and need to get your company holiday cards out quickly, we still have options for you! Here are a couple of services we offer at to aid you in saving some much needed time.

  • Personalization: Our experienced typesetters aid you in arranging your text in a professional and appealing manner. We can work with multiple fonts, colors, and sizes to make your greeting card exactly how you would like it. This saves a ton of time by taking out all the guesswork of trying to print your cards on your own. If you ever need assistance or advice when compiling your personalized order, you can give us a call and speak with a typesetter immediately. We work with you using a trained eye to help make your greeting cards perfect.
  • Rush Processing: Many of our products are available for rushed processing when ordering personalized. This reduces the processing time associated with proofing, printing, and shipping an order. Contact us to get a custom quote and timing for your order. Being informed can lead to better decisions over a shorter timeline.
  • Return and Recipient Addressing: We offer both return address and recipient address printing on our envelopes. If you are interested in ordering recipient addressing, you need only provide us a file containing all of the addressee information and let us take care of the rest! Contact us for more information about recipient addressing on your order.
  • Upgraded Shipping: Every product on our website can be shipped Standard, Expedited, or Express. If you do not have the time to wait for Standard (ground) shipping, then you can upgrade to Expedited (two-day) or Express (overnight) with just the click of a button. No need for special orders or extreme fees. We even can accommodate upgraded shipping for international orders.

Gorgouse quality invitations for business events during the winter holiday season. Available both blank and personalzed with discounted bulk pricing.
Classic invitations great for business or corporate events. They vary from themed event invitations to generic border designs on the highest quality card stock. Let us help you personalize them!
Laser papers for all variety of uses during the holiday season. Send out letters, adjust your letterhead for the holidays, or even use as invitations.
Our labels and seals are great as address labels or gift tags. Make addressing your envelopes and gifts easy this holiday season.
Party it up on Mardi Gras this year. Let loose with your guests and have everyone gather together using one of our quality invitations. Brilliantly colored!
We have a variety of laser papers perfect for Fat Tuesday. You won't go wrong with one of our themed papers during this loved celebration of luxury and fun.
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