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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Corporate Holiday Cards


Featured Products

Jazzy Tree Invitation

A jazzy holiday invitation that shows a Christmas tree made out of swirling lines. Great for business holiday parties and events.

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Magic Moment Pocket Invitation

This elegant grey pocket invitation with white ribbon has a white and grey linen insert. The white insert is designed with an intricate grey scroll bordering at the top with space for your personalization below.

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Diamond Elegance Invitation

Perfect for a formal event or company party. This invitation is a simple border card with a back border and a gray boxed pattern that is accented with a gold embossed foiling.

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Enchanged Long Formal Invitation

Elegant black and white slim invitation with a white background and a black damask design on the top of the card. Can be used for any formal events such as a company formal event or holiday business party.

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Black Arbor Invitation

A beautiful floral damask design on ecru cardstock perfect for a formal or semi-formal event. Use as a corporate holiday party or business event invitation.

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Corporate Holiday Cards have been used for a variety of reasons over the years, and still have relevance in today's society of electronics and instant connection. When planning a big event for the holidays, businesses still prefer to send out tangible invitations instead of e-vites, as they evoke a more personal and professional response. Companies have been sending out cards for decades to thank important clients and customers for their business. They also serve as a friendly reminder of the tie between the two parties. Hosting a holiday party is another enormous business trend. Everyone expects companies to host company holiday parties, and will expect employees, customers, clients, or partners to attend depending on the corporation. At, we specialize in helping your business create custom invitations during the holiday season. We can accommodate short timelines and logo placement for most invitations. Contact us for information on placing a rush order or adding a logo to your invitation design!


Click here to go directly to's EXTENSIVE Selection of Christmas Invitations.




These Christmas Invitations are among the most popular Christmas Invitation designs available.

Wording Ideas (Nonreligious)

Every card needs a sentiment, greeting or saying to express the message that you would like to send. In a corporate environment, cards with religious wording may be inappropriate for the setting, as people of all religious beliefs are a part of the daily workforce. Here are a couple of wording ideas for Corporate Holiday Cards that avoid religion and focus purely on enjoying the season.

For a Holiday Party:

Please come celebrate
the Holiday Season
with us at a
Holiday Champagne Brunch
In celebration of the holidays
and as a tribute to all of our valued clients,
you and a guest are invited to the
Smith & Co. Annual Holiday Dinner Gala

For a Greeting Card:

Best wishes for the holiday season
and for every day in the coming year.

May the beauty of the holiday season be with you
throughout the coming year.
Happy Holidays!

At the Holiday Season
our thoughts turn greatefully
to those who have made
our progress possible

Wording Ideas (Religious)

For a Holiday Party:

Please join us for some Christmas Cheer
To celebrate the most
Wonderful time of year
At our 15th Annual Office Christmas Party

'T is the season…
You are cordially invited to the
10th Annual
Watson & Watson Christmas Party

For a Greeting Card:

Wishing you a Christmas
filled with joy and cheer
and a very happy New Year

May the warmth and love that is
all around us a Christmas Time
Fill your heart with joy today and always.


Five Tips for Selecting a Venue


Selecting a venue for a holiday party can seem like an impossible task. You likely have a budget and several specifications that need to be filled, as well as a committee to get approval from. Keeping everything on track and under control might be a small nightmare, especially if you are not usually a large event planner.  Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind when setting out to plan your corporate holiday party:

Number of People - Take a look first at how many people are expected to be at your event. Having a realistic maximum will give you a guideline upon which all other aspects will depend. It will also give you a better idea of how to meet your budget, and what changes can or cannot be made.

Budget - You won’t be able to book the Ritz if your company cannot fill that high of a budget. Keep your costs in mind at all times, and ask every venue what sort of specials, bundle packages, or incentives they might offer. Sometimes, all it takes is a small question to jumpstart huge savings.

Formality - Take a look at your guest list and determine how formal of an event should be held. Will your guests expect to dress in formal eveningwear or in business casual attire? Is your event only for the office, or does it incorporate clients and customers? Are you expecting to host a plated dinner or a buffet? Also, will there be an awards ceremony incorporated? All of these things will eliminate some venues and open doors to others.

Location - Even if the price is perfect, the surroundings are gorgeous, and your committee would love it, if a venue is 50 miles from your office chances are not many will jump to attend. Use location as a convenient way to narrow down your options or select between two similar options.

Style - Your business likely has a specific brand that it is trying to establish for itself, and finding a venue that matches your idea is paramount. If you are a cutting edge firm attempting to modernize the way business is done, hosting your event in an old world style hotel might be ironic. Keep your styles consistent, from your business practice to your décor.


These are just a small sampling of the many great Christmas Invitations! Click on the images to see these items and many other Christmas Invitations!

Planning a Menu

Every party or event involves food and refreshments, no matter how small or informal. For business and corporate events, skimping on the menu is rarely an option. If you are planning the menu for your company’s holiday party, here are some important things to consider.

Size of the Party - You will want enough food for everyone, and then some. People tend to eat extra when they know the meal is free, and also when they expect the food to be tasty. Be sure that you over-order by a decent percentage so that no one is left hungry and unhappy.

Event Style - Your event may have a theme, a style, or an overall attitude that your food will need to match. Perhaps you are hosting an international event, and might want to include food from around the world. You may be hosting a casual event focused around a band, where drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres are more appropriate. Whatever the case for your event, be sure your menu matches it.

Consult your Venue Coordinator - There may be some important quirks about your venue that will affect your planning. The venue might be specifically set up for a gourmet buffet, which would be an excellent idea for you to take advantage of. Alternatively, they may have waiting staff available and included with the pricing of renting out their banquet room. Be sure to ask about any details that may influence your decisions, as not all venue coordinators will think to volunteer this information. It also never hurts to ask how other events in that location are typically planned!


Invitations as Greeting Cards


Year after year companies send out greeting cards to those who have helped their business progress. All too often, you may find yourself receiving the exact same card multiple years in a row. This lack of effort in selecting a new design may undercut the value of the sentiment. Instead of letting your company get trapped in a cycle of repetition, try adding a small difference to an annual event.

When selecting your card this year, consider sending out an invitation instead of a greeting card. True, you may not be hosting a party, but all of our invitations come in an envelope just the same as our greeting cards and also have similar sizing. Further, the variety of designs for invitations is much wider, and the possibility of personalization much more vast for invitations than for greeting cards. If your sentiment is anything more than a line or two, it likely will not work with a greeting card. Also, many greeting cards come with preprinted verses that cannot be changed. Open your options and try one of our Corporate Holiday Cards to spread your good wishes this year, and include a longer and more personal note on the progress of your company. At, we can even incorporate your business logo into the design!

Popular Winter Holiday Themes

Each year trends rise and fall with everything in life, including invitations. Different colors and arrangements will race to the top of the charts one year, only to be discarded the next. Keeping on top off designs to stay relevant is made easy with We offer the latest designs from a variety of manufacturers, plus some classic designs that have remained popular for years. Here are a couple of tried-and-true themes to get you started!

  • Ornaments: Everyone loves the look of ornaments. They are beautifully designed with different shapes, colors, and themes. They can be elegant or funny, simple or extravagant. Best of all, they make wonderful designs for invitations and greeting cards alike.
  • Winter Scene: A classic theme that everyone has seen at one point or another. A snow covered roof, a warm winter cottage, a hearth burning brightly. With a rich forest and a snow covered path, you will find everything beloved of the winter season summed into one design.
  • Peace: This new and popular trend can be adapted in countless ways, using modern peace signs, calligraphy, or symbolism. You will find doves with olive branches just as much as a peace sign surrounded by modern geometric designs. With everyone preferring a time of peace over a time of war, this theme is an ever-popular selection.
  • Pine Cone: An elegant way to reconnect with winter nature, while creating a design that is beautiful without being over the top. Pine cone designs are popular during both the winter and autumn seasons.

Greeting cards are an excellent way to thank customers for previous business and remind them in a subtle way of your company for the future!
Send your message out to clients and employees while saving a little for the environment. These greeting cards come from 100% recycled paper.
Invitations designed for  business environments. Great for all types of general business events such as awards ceremonies or appreciation events.
Address labels to match a variety of invitations, or great as seals and gift tags for holiday cards and gifts. Customize with your note!
Let loose and enjoy the revelries of the season. These celebration themed Mardi Gras invitations are a great way to invite people to a Fat Tuesday style party.
Stationery perfect for your Mardi Gras event! Complete with crowns, checkers, green, and purple. Take a look at our designs for your business or personal event.
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