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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Christmas Stationery


Featured Products

Holiday Dress Laser Paper

This bright and trendy laser paper shows a women in a rich green holiday dress holding a gift ready to be exchanged. It is a great choice for a gift exchange party!

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Bulbs Border Paper

A classic design using a string of colorful Christmas lights. Enjoy the holidays with this paper for any occasion, from parties to heartfelt notes for loved ones.

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Holiday Stacked Gifts Laser Paper

Stacked high and wrapped to perfection, the gifts on this laser paper make it perfect for a Christmas party. You can even print on the gift tag!

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On the Town Laser Paper

Hit the town and get your holiday shopping out of the way. This paper is decorated with a Christmas colored town with light sprinkles of snow cascading down.

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Step Out Santa Laser Paper

A jolly Santa Claus is ready to party with you and your guests this Christmas. This paper has a bold green background and a big "Ho! Ho! Ho!" across the bottom.

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Christmas is the perfect time to reach out to those you care about across the nation. Sending a quick, handwritten note is a great way to keep in touch and to share a few personalized sentiments. With our great selection of Christmas Stationery, your notes can have as much personality and holiday spirit as you do! We have designs that are classic and traditional, with an appeal of elegance for the holiday season. Just the same, we have designs that have spunk and flair to bring a smile or a laugh to the faces of those you love over the distance. You can also use our stationery for any variety of notes, lists, or even as invitations to a holiday fling. We can even help you personalize select designs for your next holiday soiree!


Click here to go directly to's EXTENSIVE Selection of Christmas Stationery.




These Christmas Themed Papers are among the most popular Christmas Stationery designs available.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Santa’s elves have mastered the art of gift wrapping, but next to their eloquence you may feel as though your gifts look a bit plain. You don’t need to get gifts professionally wrapped to make them beautiful! It is simple to add a little something extra to your presents for an outstanding effect. Try out any one of these ideas so spruce up your wrapping this year.

  • Ribbon: Pick a wrapping paper that has a variety of colors on it, which could match with any number of different ribbons. Then, go for a bundle pack of ribbons that come in multiple colors. Grab any two colors and wrap them around each gift (alternating the two colors for each one), and leave extra room to curl the ends with scissors. You won’t need to invest in bows with this option! If you use a solid colored paper, try using thicker ribbon instead.
  • Accessories: Your gifts can be decorated with any number of accessories without spending a ton on these beautiful additions. For example, add a candy cane to each gift that you wrap. Kids especially love getting something sweet, and the colorful addition adds a beautiful touch. You can also get plastic ornaments in large quantities and attach one to each gift by the ribbon. Be creative with your ideas!
  • Gift Tags: Instead of stickers that lay flat and are hard to see, try adding a little gift tag to your gifts. You can buy these by the bag at craft stores in a variety of colors or designs. Or, try using glitter pens to write the names of your recipients on each box.
  • Boxes: Gifts come in all different shapes and sizes, and some of the more organic shapes can be very difficult to wrap. Instead of driving yourself nuts with crazy shapes and wrinkled papers, put each oddly-shaped gift into a box and then wrap away! The little bit of extra effort putting it in the box will actually save you time and energy when trying to make the wrapping paper lay flat.
  • Scent: It may sound crazy at first, but packages that give off a wonderful Christmas scent when opened leave an incredible impression! Some little things can be done to discretely scent your packages for pure Christmas delight. Tie a cinnamon stick as garnishing, use a tiny bit of cinnamon or peppermint oil on the underside of the wrapping, or spray your gifts with a bit of holiday scented air freshener on each gift. Yum!

Spruce Up Your Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a great gift during the holiday season, especially when the post holiday sales start. A lot of people, especially teens, prefer to get gift cards instead of traditional gifts to use however they like. But just giving a simple gift card inside of your greeting card can look a bit light or dissatisfying. When you give a gift, you want its outward appearance to reflect the same as the inward value and though. Especially with gift cards, giving them a beautiful appearance can make a world of difference to you and your recipient, because it adds back the personal touch that is lost with the slightly impersonal gift.

Start by selecting a small box to house your gift card. You can wrap the box using the above tips for gift wrapping to make a perfect presentation. Inside the box, include any sort of fillers you like to give it an extra bit of color. You can mix in candies, confetti, or whatever other small addition that you fancy. If you are dissatisfied with the inside of the box itself, go ahead and glue some wrapping paper on the inside as well so the box is entirely covered in your wrapping theme.

Pair your gift card with a small set of ornaments, chocolates, or trinkets of some fashion, too. This little inexpensive addition will help you show your care for the recipient by the thought you have invested in getting something small that you know they will still enjoy. Gift cards can make a great gift, and will leave a great impression on all with a little extra time spent on the presentation!


Christmas Recipes


This recipe is a delicious garnishing for almost any dessert or drink, especially during the holiday season. It is sweet and tart, bringing out strong flavors of citrus to complement your spice-filled cakes, muffins, and pies. You can cut the candied peel into any size you like, leaving it long and curling for drinks and large garnishing, or cutting it shorter to sprinkle wherever you like. You can even dip the peels into yoghurt or chocolate! The options and versatility will allow you to be a creative cook, and use this tidbit as one of the tools in your arsenal.

Candied Citrus Peels

  • 3 ripe, medium sized oranges or lemons
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  1. Using a rotary or swivel-bladed vegetable peeler, remove the peel from the fruit, leaving the bitter white pith.
  2. Cut the peel into strips using a sharp knife according to intended use. If you want to use the candied peel on cakes or tarts, cut it into matchstick strips; if candying to dip in chocolate, cut the peel into larger strips.
  3. Place the strips in water until just covered in a small saucepan. Bring contents to a boil and then remove from heat. Drain and rinse the peels under cold running water. Then, return them to the saucepan and add the sugar and 1/2 cup water. Heat over medium heat stirring frequently until all the water has evaporated. (Be careful not to burn the peels or your pan!) Spread the peels onto foil or wax paper to cool.
  4. Refregerate in an air tight jar. Peels can be kept fresh for up to 6 months.


These are just a small sampling of the many great Christmas papers! Click on the images to see these items and many other Christmas stationery designs!

Christmas Drinks

Colorful drinks for the Christmas holiday are always a hit. When you add in delicious flavor to enhance the color, your guests will be more than a little bit impressed with your shaking and stirring skills. Try pre-mixing these two recipes in disposable cocktail glasses so your guests can sip and enjoy at their leisure. Arrange them all on a platter or table to let the shining liquid help you as a decoration!

Red and Green Chrismas Cocktails

    Red Ingredients:
  • 1 1/2 oz. pineapple rum
  • 1/2 oz. triple sec
  • 3 oz. cranberry juice
  • 1 oz. raspberry juice
  • Shake ingredients with ice in shaker and strain when serving. Rim the glass with sugar first to garnish.
  • 1 1/2 oz. vodka
  • 1 1/2 oz. sour apple schnapps
  • 1 1/2 oz lemonade
  • 1 12 oz. lemon lime soda
  • Shake ingredients with ice in shaker and straing when serving. Rim the glass first with a cinnamon-sugar mixture to garnish.


Stationery Paper Ideas


Stationery papers come in a variety of designs and styles, and just the same can have a wide variety of uses. Any one of our stationery papers could be used for a number of purposes for the holiday season. Browse through our designs of Christmas Stationery and try out your favorite designs with any one of these fun holiday ideas.

Christmas Wish List: Kids need a little structure when it comes to communicating the things they want. Some kids will go way overboard, claiming a desperate need for every toy in the aisle. Others have trouble coming up with even one or two things that they truly want, when overwhelmed by seemingly limitless options. Sit your kids down with a few sheets of holiday paper and set them to work drafting a list of the items they most want. Have them put their picks in order, alphabetical or according to desire.

Other Lists for Kids: Set your kids to work analyzing their own behavior over the year. With two sheets to add to (one for naughty and one for nice), have your kids compare a list of the things they thing they have done well and the mistakes they made. Take it a step further and have your kids explain the lessons they learned along the way. Santa is always impressed by good deeds and good lessons—and so are parents!

Letters to Family: Writing letters to family and friends is a great way to keep in touch over the holiday season. Having your children involved in writing notes can be a cute touch as well! Send your notes of warm wishes along with your gifts this year with some of our cute, festive, or traditional designs.

Business Stationery: We have plenty of letterhead designs that can work well even in a business environment. Send inter-office memos with a little bit of holiday flair. Leave notes for your co-workers letting them know about any little notes you need, from a kind wish to enjoy the cookies you brought to reminders about projects or clients.

Setting Your Table

Setting your table for the holidays can be a joy and a work of art. With just the right components, you can end up with a beautiful creation that adds volumes to your home decorations while serving a practical purpose. To begin, you will need to select a holiday color scheme that suits your surroundings and your table. Perhaps a hunter green tablecloth or a cranberry table runner. Your may simply have gold chargers to add to a glass table and holiday tableware. You will know what is best for your home, so begin by looking for the colors and styles you know work with your dining setup.

Once the basics are covered, begin by setting out your dishes. Layer plates in alternating colors with a napkin on top, bound together by a holiday napkin ring. Bring color to your arrangement either by the table cloth, the plates, or the glasses, but not in all of them! Too much color will leave your table gaudy and clown-like. Try adding just a decorated salad plate to your classic dishes and a silver or gold charger. Or, replace your regular glasses with colored and designed ones that sparkle for the holiday season. These additions will give your table a stunning look without going overboard on your theme or your wallet.

Switch to smaller centerpieces instead of towering displays. Everyone wants to be able to communicate during the meal, and having high floral arrangements will interfere with the ability to converse. Lower your decorations and increase the number instead. Try using three small, round bowls filled with cranberries in water and a small arrangement of candles or flowers. Keep the sizing lower, and let your dishes and linens do the rest of the work.

Send your family's smiling faces to those you care about this holiday season. You may not be able to see them over the distance, but they will be able to see you and feel the warmth of your gesture.
A simple way to send out your photo cards! Print the photos yourself and we will take care of your personalized invitations. Or, order blank to DIY!
A series of invitations that focuses on the business environment, with winter themes and classic designs that can be used in any holiday situation. Inquire about adding your logo!
Gift tags and address labels to make your gift giving as simple as possible. They can be personalized with your family's name or address!
Classic and beautiful greeting cards to send to those you love during the holiday season. A great way to send a kind word over a long distance.
Contemporary and traditional greeting cards designed for the corporate world. We can personalize everything for you to send to clients, customers, and employees.
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