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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Bridal Shower Invitations


Featured Products

I DO Shoes Invitation

A beautiful lavender and pale gray background accent a pair of white high heels and pearls, with the words "I DO" also in lavender to match perky bows on the high heels.

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Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitation

Bridal Luncheon invitation has a white background and features a lovely bridesmaid in a purple strapless dress holding a spring bouquet of lavender, green, pink, and hot pink flowers. Great for Bridal Shower Invitations, Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations, even Spring Dance Invitations!

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Garden Wedding Invitation

This lovely bridal invitation is decorated with a bride in her white wedding gown holding a bouquet of violet flowers. Similar floral arrangements decorate the top and bottom of the invitation, which is set against a green paisley background.

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Happy Couple Invitation

Happy Couple invitation has a white background with a green border. It features a lovely lady in pink high heels and a pink and black dress holding flowers, and a man in black slacks and shoes. Great for engagement party invites, couple's shower invites, or even to send out engagement announcements!

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Tropical Bride Invitation

This lovely invitation features a barefoot bride with a lovely pink bouquet, gracefully walking across the sandy beach against a pale blue sky. Perfect for a wedding shower or bachelorette party!

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Getting married is a big step that friends and family will want to celebrate! Hosting a bridal shower is a ton of fun, but also requires a party planning mindset. It is Impress In Print's goal to help your event run as smoothly as possible with high quality, designer invitations for bridal showers of all kind. You will find options for every combination of wedding colors, as well as every different type of bridal shower out there. Personalize each invitation with your own wording and font design, or follow one of our samples. Our professional typesetters will help you create the perfect invitation for your upcoming bridal shower.




Fun kitchen shower invitations for the bride-to-be who loves to cook!



Bridal Shower Themes


Tailor your bridal shower to fit your bride-to-be. There are so many common variations, finding a bridal shower invitation to fit your theme is easy. Take a look at some of these popular bridal shower themes to help you plan your event. Each of these options has tons of invitations available to choose from! Best of all, they give you the chance to host a shower that is a little bit different than every other bridal shower she's been to. Keep it fresh by choosing a bridal shower theme that she will absolutely love.

  • Kitchen Shower - For the bride-to-be who loves to cook! You know the type: she's got every recipe in the book and a million tips to share. You might think, "If she loves to cook already, what could she possibly need?" A kitchen shower is the perfect time to lavish your lovely chef with matching utensils and cutlery, specialty appliances, quality or unique pots and pans, and serving dishes. Get her that KitchenAid mixer, a Dutch oven, a cast-iron skillet, or any other item you know that she'll use and enjoy.
  • Around the Clock Shower - The perfect type of shower for the engaged couple with the new home. Each guest is assigned a time of day as the theme for their gift. For example, one with 7 a.m. might bring a coffee maker where one with 9 p.m. might bring a decanter and glasses. Or, use a slight alternative with an "Around the House Shower" assigning guests to different rooms of the house. This gives variety and a great standing point for a young couple that will need a little bit of everything!
  • Bridal Tea - Is she a total tea buff? Does she love pretty things, luncheons, and big hats? A bridal tea is a great way to spend a cordial afternoon with all ages (Grandma would love it!). This shower helps the bride-to-be enjoy the finer things in life with her best gals. Ask guests to arrive in their Sunday best and wear a hat. Give the party an awesome twist and make it a Mad Hatter tea!
  • Couples shower - Why hold a shower for just the bride? Throw tradition out the window, and party with the lucky couple! Shower them with gifts for her, gifts for him, and gifts for the two of them. This is a great way to get the couple ready for their lives together, by not hesitating to buy gifts like tool sets just as much as cookware. It takes the gender and stereotypes out of the equation and gives family and friends a chance to find gifts that are useful, practical, and very-much needed no matter what they are.
  • Lingerie Shower - That's right ladies! Your first thought may be a night of crazy, wild fun, but a lingerie shower done right is so much more. This shower is really all about focusing on the bride-to-be, and boosting her self-confidence. Get her in touch with herself, encourage everyone to laugh, share, and be totally open. Marriage is hard, but self-exploration is even harder. Give her something to help her feel great about herself, whether it be lingerie, advice, or just a good time.


Bridal Shower Wording Ideas


Starting off your invitation with a little poem is so much fun! It's a great way to bring out the theme of your party, too. Add a few lines for the style of bridal shower you plan on hosting, and use on of these examples as a starting point. Change words however you like to fit the happy couple, just be sure to keep the rhyming scheme intact.

Bring a blender for her,
some tools for him,
or pick out a present
for the two of them!
Join us for a
His & Hers Shower
Katie & Wes

We're mixing things up at a shower for the new Mr. & Mrs.
Bring a gift for her or for him, along with love and best wishes!
Please join us for a
His & Hers Shower
Katie & James

Before the bride says "I do" to the groom
Let's help her decorate room by room
Join us for an
Around the House Shower
Megan Smith

Their love for each other simmers
And boils, but neither can cook
And they don't even own foil!
Please join us for a
Kitchen Shower
Olivia & Henry

Let's shower her with love!
You are cordially invited to a
Bridal shower for
Isabella Turner

Something frilly, something sweet,
Something sexy to knock Rob off his feet!
Please join us for a
Lingerie Shower
Carrie Mitchell


Designer bridal shower invitations that are classy, stylish, and upbeat!



Bridal Shower Desserts


Food is almost always a part of a bridal shower. You'll soon be having incredible, gourmet, and professionally decorated cake at the wedding. Why try to one-up an insurmountable cake? Make one of these tasty and decoratively impressive desserts. They are easier to make than you might think, and will definitely impress your bride-to-be.

  • Chocolate Groom Strawberries - All you need for this delight are strawberries, white melting chocolate, and dark melting chocolate. Larger strawberries work better, as they are easier to work with. (They also will mean making less strawberries in the end, as guests will eat less if the treat is larger!) Melt the white chocolate first and dip all of your strawberries like normal. Refrigerate until firm. Then, melt the dark chocolate and dip each strawberry twice--once diagonally to the left and once diagonally to the right. Your strawberries should now look like they are wearing little tuxes! Use a toothpick to add a few dark chocolate "buttons" down the center and keep refrigerated until ready to serve.
  • Ring-Pop Cupcakes - Surely you remember those gem-shaped suckers stuck on the end of a ring instead of a stick? Make any style of cupcake you like with any frosting. The only thing you need to do is stick the ring pop into the top of the cupcake once it's done! Get a variety of colors and encourage your guests to wear their ring pops after the cupcakes are all gone.
  • Wedding Cakepops - If you're in love with this desert trend, then chances are you've already tried your hand at a batch or two! The idea is pretty simple: a candy-covered ball of cake on the end of a stick. Make them by baking a traditional cake, crumbling the cake up and adding frosting until you have a malleable doughy substance. Roll into balls (or desired shape), put a lollypop stick in the end, and freeze until set. Then, cover each ball with candy melts and decorate. Try decorating your cakepops as little wedding cakes, flowers, or just decorative spheres in the bridal colors. Or, get really crazy, and make mini dresses and tuxes!
  • Gift Mini-Cakes - You need fondant, cake, and decorative frosting for this dessert. Start by cutting serving-sized squares from cake the cake of your choice. This can be any type of cake, including traditional, pound cake, rum cake, brownies, or whatever else you like! So long as you can cut it into squares, you can use it. Roll your fondant flat and lay it over your cake square, trimming away the excess until it looks like a wrapped box. (You can leave the fondant off the bottom, and just bring it flush down to the plate or tray.) Then, use icing to create ribbon lines for your cake. Top it off with a little flower or bow made out of icing, fondant, or actual flowers and bows!

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