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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


BBQ Invitations


Featured Products

Cook Out Couple Invitation

A couples cook out invitation! It has a simple scalopped red border with a couple cooking together in front of a grill. It's a great invitation for a barbecue, engagement party or rehearsal dinner!

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Western Boot Invitation

A stylish die-cut boot invitation that attaches with a black satin ribbon to your attachment card. It is great for that summer barbeque with family and friends or with coworkers and clients

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Cook Out Invitation

A bright summer invitation! This cardstock invite is decorated with the words "Cook Out!" in bold red against a yellow background. It's garnished with barbecue utensils, to make the theme complete!

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Western Wear Invitation

Yee-haw! Get ready for a western themed event that's rooted in American traditions! This invitation is decorated with a traditional cowboy outfit anging on a line with a stars and stripes flag border. Great for barbecues and rodeos!

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Boot Scootin Wood Invitation

This fun western invitation is the perfect way to invite your fellow cowboys to your barbecue or country dance! It features a wooden dance floor background and the legs of a cowboy and cowgirl ready to start scootin' those boots!

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Summer has finally arrived! You're pulling out your shorts and tee's, inflating your floaties for the pool, and cleaning off the grill. Gearing up for that awesome summer barbecue means you'll need a BBQ invitation to go along with it. Check out our latest designs with cowboy boots, grilling tools, burger platters for your upcoming summer barbecue. Then, let us help you out with personalizing your custom invitations! Our goal at Impress In Print is to make your summer BBQ, and every party, as fresh and flawless as can be.




These invitations are perfect for a picnic style BBQ!



BBQ Invite Wording


The date is picked, your menu is planned, and now you are faced with the daunting task of selecting wording for your invitations. Don't freak! Our proofing experts at Impress In Print have some advice for you on how to compile your info and compose the perfect wording for any BBQ invitation. Just follow these easy steps!

First off, there are a few mandatory bits that every invitation needs. Specifically, you need to give your event a name ("BBQ & Pool Party"), set a date and time, offer an address, and give some contact info for guests to give their replies. Everything else is extra! You might want to add a bit about how to come dressed, anything your guests should bring, or what type of food is on the menu.

The fun part about creating invitation wording comes from a little poem or saying you can add to your info. Generally, you'll stick that poem right before or after the event. Not a writer? Here are some samples from our professionals that you can copy, cut, change, or sample. Yee haw!

We're dudein' it up
We're dudein' it right
We'll be dudein' it up on Saturday Night

Our family reunion is coming up quick
We're planning to have an old fashioned picnic
There will be plenty to eat and glasses to fill
Just bring your own meat to put on the grill!

Howdy Y'all!
The beer is cold and the food is hot
The theme is set for a BBQ
Cause Kim and Doug are tying the knot


Spruce Up Your Burger


You're having a barbecue, you're firing up the grill, and you're setting out tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and ketchup. Every barbecue you've been to seems to have this same recipe for burgers. Want to be the one that'll have them talking? It's all in the toppings! Get as wacky and creative as you want with your combinations (so long as it still tastes good). Try out a few of these combos! What other great ideas can you come up with?

  1. swiss cheese and mushrooms
  2. avocado and bacon with honey mustard
  3. tomatoes and onion rings with spicy mayo
  4. pineapple and bacon
  5. mango and avocado salsa


Fire up the grill and get ready for a BBQ with one of these new designs!



Kids BBQ Activities


Keeping kids busy during a BBQ is the easy part, especially if other kids are around. You may find yourself needing to keep your kids in line! The best way to accomplish this is to direct the energy of the group before it gets too crazy. If you're a parent, you probably know that a group of kids left to their own devices tents to bring about disaster. Giving them a simple tool or activity will focus them just enough to keep the majority having fun and out of trouble.

The key word to kids barbecue activities: Simple. Sure, you could probably create an elaborate craft or an entire obstacle course of fun. Chances are, you'll be exhausted and scracthing your head when the kids all get bored with having to "work" for their fun and end up throwing rocks at each other. Stick to some simple toys: a baseball and bat, Frisbees, hula hoops, squirt guns etc. Children have the gift of overactive imaginations, and will be able to make anything into a great game in groups, without a ton of work on your part.

Our BBQ and Picnic stationery are perfect for a casual gathering over burgers, watermelon, and lemonade.

Have a boot scootin' shindig with one of our western invitations to invite guests to your rodeo party.
Take a trip to the tiki tropics with a luau invitation that's made to share the much loved island flavor.
Jump in and make a splash with our fun pool party stationery for your summer event around the pool!
Our fiesta invitations are hot hot hot, just like the spicy Mexcian party you'll be hosting. Great for birthdays, too!
Seafood's on the menu! Use these invitations for a clambake, crawfish boil, fish fry, or other seafood cooking event!
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