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Click on images below to go to the full selection of baptism invitations. These are just a few examples of our entire line of baptism and other occasion invitations!.

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baptism invitations  - ImpressInPrint Paper ProductsBaptism invitations

Baptism invitations announce a very baptism invitationimportant and personal day for your family and your baby. To accentuate the formal occasion with grace and quality, customize your baptism invitations from

When to order your baptism invitations:

Baptism invitations need to include important information for your invited guests. Since this is a formal occasion, you will need to order your baptism invitations with enough time to send them 6 - 8 weeks in advance of the ceremony date.

baptism invitations - ImpressInPrint Paper ProductsBaptism invitations - what to include?

Who to send baptism invitations to:

baptism invitationGenerally, guests of baptism ceremonies are family, close friends, people who you perceive will be a part of your baby's life during their development years and members of your religious organization that will be influential in their upbringing.

What to include on your customized baptism invitations:

Choose your elegant style from our selection of baptism invitations and you can follow some or all of the suggested information concerning what to include on your cards. Since this is considered a formal occasion, it is highly recommended to stay away from using abbreviations of any kind.

  • Baptism Invitation Greeting: Make a short statement of a personal nature on behalf of your family about how dear and important this occasion is and your family wants the guest to share it with you.
  • Occasion: State that their presence is requested for the baptism of "your child's name".
  • Date and Time: Day, date of the baptism ceremony followed by the time. Example: Saturday, the twenty-seventh of September eight o'clock in the evening
  • Location: It is very important that your baptism invitations contain the name of the place you are holding the ceremony. The address should only include the street and city. You can include the state should out of town guests be invited. Zip codes are not included in the location address.

baptism invitations - ImpressInPrint Paper ProductsBaptism invitations - RSVP cards

Since baptism invitations are considered to be sent for a formal occasion, it is proper and customary to include RSVP cards with a stamped reply envelope. Your RSVP cards and envelopes can easily be customized, and pre-printed with your address on the RSVP return envelope to send with your baptism invitations. This will save you a lot of time and provide formal, high-quality invitations and RSVP cards for this important event.

The RSVP card should include a line for the respondent to write in their name and address. A "reply by" date is usually included to entice recipients to reply as soon as possible.

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