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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


Autumn Wedding Invitations


Featured Products

Brown Fleur De Lis Invitation

Elegant fleur de lis design includes pre-tied brown satin bow and white envelope. Just slip the pre-tied bow over the card after printing.

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Butterfly Garden Invitation

A treasured invitation that shows a colorful butterfly amid a garden of flowers. The top and bottom borders are made up of a brilliant bundle of violet roses with violet floral designs up the sides. The background is a soft yellow paisley.

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All the Leaves Are Brown with Glitter Invitation

A beautiful autumn invitation that is embellished with glitter. The sparkling touch adds beauty to your special autumn wedding or event.

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Pumpkin Vine Invitation

Elegant sparkling cardstock gatefuld invitation tied with a rich satin bow. The coloring is perfect for autumn and the high quality design is ideal for weddings and formal events.

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Twig of Leaves Invitation

A beautiful autumn invitation for formal and semi-formal events. The left border shows a delicate twig with changing leaves of all colors.

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An autumn themed wedding is a gorgeous affair, from the season alone. The rich colors of the season perfectly complement with elegance and grace. If you are planning an autumn wedding, your options will be endless for perfectly coordinating decorations, stationery, and flowers. At, we can help you personalize and print your Autumn Wedding Invitations, RSVP cards, and even coordinating thank you or travel cards. With designs to suit any style and budget, we offer flexibility and versatility to meet your exact desires. After all, your special day should be all about you!




Gorgeous and rich colors bring out the fall theme in your wedding.



Wedding Invitation Styles


Every wedding is completely unique, reflecting the personality and taste of the engaged couple. This individuality is part of the beauty that surrounds a wedding. The ceremony, decorations, reception, attire… Absolutely everything will be different in each wedding that you attend. Different families will have different traditions, and different religious views will reflect different practices. Even more, each individual will have a completely personal idea of their own wedding. Wedding invitations are just as varied to reflect the wide range of tastes and necessities that we all have.

If you are shopping for invitations for your wedding, it could be a bit overwhelming! With so many different styles, it can be hard to know where to begin. Understanding the basic styles of invitations will help you sift through and eliminate options when selecting your own.

  • Flat: This is the standard invitation. It has no folds or flairs, other than the design on the card itself. They make up the majority of invitation designs, and are generally the least expensive option.
  • Slim: This is a long and thin flat invitation. It is more elegant than the traditional flat sizing, and more commonly used to bring formality to an event without significantly increasing the budget.
  • Pocket: Just as it sounds, this style of invitation will come with an outer pocket that holds the slightly smaller flat invitation. The invitation and the pocket are all put into an envelope for mailing.
  • Gatefold: This invitation has an outer "folder" of sorts that wraps around the invitation, and is generally fastened with some sort of ribbon or bow. The fastening must be undone to open the folds and read the internal invitation.
  • Layered: Multiple pieces of differently sized cardstock are used to complete this invitation. Different coordinating colors will be used for each layer, which are attached to one another in decreasing size order. The top layer will hold your personalized invitation wording.
  • Vellum: Vellum is a semi-transparent material that is used in invitations. Your personalization will be printed on the piece of vellum, and the vellum will be attached to the cardstock design, creating a soft glow effect.
  • Bows & Ribbons: Many invitations can be embellished with some sort of bow, ribbon, glitter, or gems to enhance then original design. Adding this extra bit of flair brings more elegance to your design.

Wedding Stationery Checklist

Weddings are a huge production! Planning is no laughing matter when it comes to formal events. Some have plated meals with pre-selected entrees and seating charts. Your guests will need to know all about your event to ensure they are able to attend. There is a lot of information that should be included in your wedding stationery. Here is a comprehensive checklist to be sure that you have included all the bits and pieces that your guests and you will need to know. Not all options will be applicable to your specific event, so you can rule things out to suit your needs.

  • Names of the engaged couple
  • Names of the hosting party (often parents)
  • Date: Day of the week, month, numerical day, year (Ex. Saturday, July 16, 2011). If your reception and ceremony are on different days, then both will need to be included!
  • Time: The time the guests should arrive, the ceremony start time, and the reception start time
  • Location: Address of both the ceremony and reception location
    RSVP & Meal Cards - A means of your guests communicating with you that they will or will not be able to attend. Also, a means for your guest to express their entree selection for plated reception meals.
  • Date: A reply by date
  • Name: A space for your guests to write in their names so you know who is replying
  • Number attending: A place for your guests to indicate how many will attend
  • Not attending: A place for your guests to indicate inability to attend
  • Notes: A small section for other notes your guests might need to communicate to you.
  • Meal Options: Be sure to leave space to indicate how many of each meal have been selected. If you need to know each guest's meal, then be sure to indicate the necessity.
    Thank You Notes - Not all guests will have been able to offer you a gift, but thanking them for their presence and support is a must. Also, you may receive gifts from those unable to attend your wedding, so thank you notes must be sent.
  • Acknowledge each individual
  • Gratitude for sharing in your event
  • Gratitude for specific gift given


Invitation & Save-the-Date Timing


For many people, planning a wedding will be the most involved event they will plan in their lives. There are several vendors to coordinate with very specific timelines, decorations, food, and attire, and that is just for the day-of. Weddings also require planning of invitations beforehand and thank you notes after.

The best place to start is to set a date and finalize your venue. Once you have booked your venue, your date will not be able to change. You generally will have your venue booked at least six months in advance of your wedding, so now will be the time to send out Save-the-Date invitations. These invitations can be of several sizes and styles, and some are even magnets for the fridge. They announce who will be married and when, so your guests know to plan ahead for your upcoming wedding.

It is generally polite to allow 3-4 weeks advance notice with invitations for your guests with formal events. With weddings, you want to double this number and send out your Autumn Wedding Invitations 6-8 weeks in advance of your event date. This gives you a little bit of extra time to move up your RSVP date so that you can sort through RSVP cards and make the final plan adjustments as needed. You should start looking at ordering invitations at least two weeks in advance for a formal event, so you have time to make changes as needed and not worry about expedited your order. However, if you have left things to the last minute we can work with you to Rush process your personalized invitation order from

One great idea is to order your thank you notes at the same time that your order your invitations and RSVP cards. Many invitation designs have coordinating thank you notes available so that you can complete your wedding theme. Also, if you order them in advance you will be more inclined to get them done!


Elegance ivory invitations capture the essence of autumn with swirling leaves and hints of color.

Bridal Shower Invitations:

Hosting a bridal shower for an engaged couple can be a ton of fun! You have a few decisions to make on the nature of the shower that you want to hold. First, are you going to shower just the bride-to-be or the engaged couple? Knowing your guests list will help you in planning the activities and theme of the event. Some events will be more formal and some will be more about fun. Think about your friends or relatives that are engaged and you will probably have a good idea of the type of event they will most appreciate!

Get started by selecting the invitation. There are two general theme guidelines to follow when selecting your invitation: the theme of the shower, or the theme of the wedding. If you are having a backyard barbeque couples shower, then it would be cute to send out a grilling themed invitation! For a traditional bridal shower, it is elegant and tasteful to honor your bride-to-be by mirroring her color selections.


Printed Menu Cards


Depending on your wedding, some locations will include menu cards at each place. Guests may be prompted to select their entree on the day of the event, in which case they will need to know what options are available. Further, some buffet options will include menu cards on the table so that your guests might have an idea of what type of food is available at the buffet. If either of these apply to your wedding reception, you will likely need to have menu cards printed.

Many standard invitations are just the right size to double as an individual place menu! You can completely personalize all of the wording on your invitation, so instead of using the cards as invitations we can help you personalize your design into a menu that perfectly coordinates with the wedding invitations that you sent out. The mirrored design will impress your guests, who likely will have looked at your invitation recently to know where and when your wedding is taking place. These small details of coordination simplify your planning and add to the general ambiance of your special event.

Autumn Wedding Favors

Selecting wedding favors for an autumn themed event is simple, since autumn themed products can be found all around as the season approaches. You can choose items that coordinate not only with the colors of your event, but also with your time of year. Making a few tiny alterations in the traditional wedding favor options will give you easy and amazing results!

Start by ditching the candy coated almonds and instead offer some sugared or caramelized pecans. They are a delicious crunchy treat, and can be found in bulk at almost any grocery store. Or, instead of shelled nuts you can include small pouches of unshelled nuts, which offer rich coloring and a warm sentiment. Then, instead of placing tiny bottles of bubbles at each table, you can abandon the over-used and underwhelming cliche of the wedding sendoff for personalized bottles of pure maple syrup. Your guests will seriously appreciate the switch!

Many wedding favors are tied together with ribbons, which can be easily coordinated with your fall colors. Other popular fall themed selections include leaf shaped bookmarks, autumn shaped candles, autumn themed wine bottle stoppers, and leaf shaped foiled chocolates. With such varied themes of fall, your choices for gorgeous and perfectly coordinating autumn wedding favors will be endless.

Wedding invitations of every color and style to coordinate perfectly with your Big Day!
Our bridal shower invitations are great for couples or for just the bride-to-be.
Tropical and beach themed invitations with an elegant touch for destination weddings.
Rich colors, cascading leaves, and a ton of designs for autumn! Print them yourself or let us help you personalize!
Halloween invitations with spook, screams, and costume-filled fright! Enjoy our designs for kids and adults.
Our themed invitations will be the perfect final touch for your holiday party with family and friends!
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