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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


4th of July Party Invitations


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July Flags Invitations

A great way to celebrate this fourth of july by showing your pride! This invitation is designed on the white cardstock and has a thin blue and red border and a set of two american flags on the top center of the card. Perfect for any fun 4th of July party or picnic.

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July BBQ Invitation

This fun Fourth of July invitation features blue and red silhouettes of a barbecue grill and party-goers, complete with blue fireworks and sparklers.

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Bikini USA Invitation

This fun summer invitation combines Fourth of July and a summer pool party! It is decorated with a stars and stripes swim suit, and is perfect for your patriotic barbecue by the pool.

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Patriotic Oval Invitations

Great for 4Th of July! Printed on premium 100lb cardstock, you will love the rich color of this unique digitally created design. It shows an oval decorated with the stars and stripes of the USA.

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Faded-My Foot Invitation

A perfect invitation to show your patriotic pride! This invitation shows a beautiful and bold watercolor designed flag blowing magestically in the wind. Perfect for any 4th of July celebration.

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Another year, another birthday... but this time we're celebrating the USA! Fireworks, flags, patriotism, and perhaps a little extra booze. Celebrate our nation's independence with an extra oomph by sending out invitations from Impress In Print that have been perfectly customized for your party. Huzzah!




Check out these fantastically patriotic invitations and many more!



Invitation Wording Ideas


The Fourth of July is a big deal for many Americans. You can celebrate Independence Day in so many ways and with so many people. Some host barbecues, some plan a night on the town, and almost everyone looks to the sky after dark for fireworks. Mostly, we celebrate our lives on the Fourth of July. The way we live, where we live, and how we live are all possible because of this special day. Make your invitation wording reflect this celebratory mood. Start off your invitation with one of these cute and patriotic poems:

We're having a party on the Fourth of July
There will be dinner
and fireworks to light up the sky!
We hope that you'll come and plan to stay
And celebrate with us on Uncle Sam's Birthday

It's the Fourth of July
Flags are flying high
As fireworks
Light up the sky!

Sparks will fly this Fourth of July!
Our three favorite F's... flags, fireworks and food!
Join us as we celebrate our Independence Day
With a Fourth of July BBQ


Red, White, & Blue Decorations


When the Fourth of July comes around, you are faced with the task of decorating with a limited and loud color scheme: red, white and blue. Of course, there can be no alternative for Uncle Sam's birthday! Adding small, quick accents is an easy way to boost your patriotic theme. Try one of these ideas, and you will be surprised how easy and fabulous they are:

  • Jars with Sand - Fill empty glass jars with white or light colored sand. Then, push in colorful stick decorations of any variety. These can be flags, stars, ribbon bursts, pinwheels, or anything patriotic attached to a stick. Then, mix in a few sparklers to be removed and lit after dark!
  • Napkin Rings - Start with cloth or paper napkins in red, white, and blue. Then, visit your local craft store and pick up three rolls of patriotic ribbon. Tie each napkin with one of the three ribbons. Alternate and mix up the ribbon-napkin combinations for even more variety!
  • Red, White & Blue Votives - Use votive candles for all kinds of decorations. They can be a part of centerpieces, added to beverage tables, lined up on railings, or strung on a length of chain and hung. Anywhere you have a flat surface, add a few votives!
  • Sand Candles - You'll need red, white, and blue sand for these candles, as well as a few clear glasses. Begin by layering your glass with slim layers of sand. Alternate red and white sand, or try alternating red and blue with a stripe of white in between each. When the sand reaches about two inches from the rim, add a tea light candle. Continue layering carefully around the tea light until the sand is flush with the top of the tea light.
  • Patriotic Wrapped Cans - Start washing and saving cans in a variety of shapes and widths. Cut strips of wrapping paper (pick a festive option decorated with stars and stripes) to the same width as each can. Simply wrap and tape, leaving the top open and the bottom uncovered. Use these wrapped cans make great silverware holders, flower vases, or decorative contains for anything you like.
  • Star Stickers - Add low-tack star stickers to anything you (or your kids) like! Try adding them to plastic cups, drink buckets, simple platters, and windows.


Stars and stripes are the best way to celebrate the Fourth of July!



Independence Cupcakes


Everyone loves a good cupcake! There are so many options when it comes to making cupcakes for the Fourth of July. What's even better--all of them are totally easy! All you need is frosting, cupcake mix, and a few different toppers. If you plan on dying the frosting, be sure to have some red and blue food coloring handy, too.

Any flavor cupcake will work perfectly for your Fourth of July treat. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and even devil's food are finger-licking good choices. The main thing that you will want to be sure of is buying or making a white frosting to use for decorating. The frosting can be any flavoring that works for your master recipe!

  • Fruit Toppings - Frost all of your cupcakes with a white frosting (such as vanilla or buttercream) and bring color in with your different toppings. Top some with blueberries, some with raspberries or strawberries, and some with coconut. Tastes delicious on white or chocolate cupcakes! Go crazy and add some of each fruit all on one cupcake in circular patterns.
  • Frosting & Sprinkles - Start by dividing your frosting into three equal parts. Leave one third white, add red food coloring to one third, and add blue food coloring to the remaining third. Divide your cupcakes into three equal groups, and frost each group with one color or frosting. Finally, start adding your red, white and blue sprinkles to the cupcakes. The idea is to leave off the color of the frosting, so frost red cupcakes with white or blue sprinkles, frost blue cupcakes with white or red, and frost white cupcakes with red or blue. Try adding the sprinkles in stripes, mixed up, half and half, or alternating colors. Top each one with a toothpick flag!
  • Cupcake Wrappers - Not one to get into the decorating? Let cupcake wrappers do it for you! Mix as many different wrappers in white, blue, and red as you like. Take it one step further and tie a ribbon around each cupcake wrapper once your cupcakes have cooled (before frosting).
  • Patriotic Tower - In addition to decorating your cupcakes, decorate your cupcake tower! Add ribbons, flags, star cutouts, and anything else you can find with patriotic colors.
  • Candy Crazy - Top your cupcakes with any candies you like that come in red, white and blue. For small candies, push them into the frosting in a starburst shape to look like fireworks or arrange them into the shape of a star.

Stars and stripes for the Fourth of July or your patriotic party! This paper is great for a block party invite, too!
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