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"Quick List" of Invitations Suggestions for Fall Invitations and Seasonal Holiday Invitations, Paper, and Cardstock


1st Communion Invitations


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Blue Mosaic Cross Invitation

This beautiful religious invitation is decorated in the style of a stained glass window with a blue cross and doves of peace. It is perfect for a communion or baptism celebration!

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Cross Invitation

Attach tag to Die-Cut with White Ribbon! The die-cut card is a white and gold cross. Your personalized text is printed on the attachable card.

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Lavender Cross Slim Invitation

This beautiful card has a scaloped lavendar border against an ecru center. A matching lavendar cross is printed at the top to make it ideal for a baptism or 1st communion invitation.

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Holy Communion Invitation

This holy communion invitation is decorated with floral and grape vines with a dove swooping gracefully down. Across the bottom is a golden goblet with eucharist and a loaf of bread resting near an open prayer bible. Two glowing candles are visible in the background.

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Baptism Boy Slim

This beautiful invitation has a striped blue border. A chocolate stripe surrounds the blank space for your personalized text. A simple matching blue cross at the top makes this invitation perfect for a baptism or 1st communion invitation.

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Celebrating a 1st communion is an important landmark in many children's lives. If you are looking to celebrate the 1st communion of your boy, girl, or twins, we have invitations perfect to suit your needs. Our 1st communion invitations are elegant and classic, with gorgeous religious designs to commemorate your special event. Many of our invitations have embellishments such as ribbons, shimmer cardstock, lined envelopes, and die-cut designs. Let us help you celebrate your event with personalized 1st communion invitations from!




We have beautiful cross themed invitations, perfect for 1st communions!



Major Communion Themes


Like any other event, there are a variety of themes to choose from for communion invitations. When selecting a theme, you will want to keep in mind what is most appropriate for your child, your family, and your religion. Though 1st communion is mostly a Catholic celebration, it is not exclusively for Catholicism. Be sure that the symbolism on your invitation is appropriate to your specific needs and desires.

  • Communion Clothes: Children generally wear a special dress or suit when celebrating their 1st communion. As a result, many invitations depict the praying hands of a child dressed in a traditional white communion dress or suit.
  • Cross: Because first communions are a part of Christian religious traditions, there are generally crosses or rosaries (if Catholic) depicted on the invitations.
  • Chalice & Host: First communion is celebrated because it is the first time that a child participates in the sacrament of communion. The items that are considered a sacrament (the bread and wine) are often depicted by the chalice and wafer used by many churches during communion.
  • Doves: White doves are often depicted on communion invitations representing peace and also the purity of the child who is about to celebrate her or his first communion.
  • Grape vines: This theme is present in many invitations because of the grapes from which wine is made. It is common to see both grape vines as well as the grape bushels themselves.
  • Bread/Wheat: Bread is often depicted because of the bread consumed during communion. Further, this theme has been adapted to include the wheat from which the bread is made as a stylistic representation instead of a literal one.


1st Communion Wording Ideas


There are many ways to phrase the celebration of your child's 1st communion. Because of the religious nature of the event, it is often preferred to select a piece of scripture to begin the invitation. Most commonly used is scripture that describes the Last Supper, when Jesus is said to have shared bread and wine with his companions before his death. This story is the reason that communion is celebrated in many churches, and thus often considered the most appropriate for use.

Other common wording includes the parents welcoming invitees to celebrate this special occasion with them. For example, "Please join us to celebrate the 1st Holy Communion of our son, Daniel Robert," or "We invite you to celebrate with us as our daughter, Alyssa Marie, receives the sacrament of 1st Holy Communion." Because this event is almost always hosted by the parents of the child, the names of both parents are also included on the invitation.

Here are some popular phrasings to consider when writing your own invitation wording:

The bread of life...
The cup of joy...
This will be a blessed day!

Please join us as our daughter
Kaitlyn Anne
Receives the sacrament of
1st Holy Communion


Our custom 1st communion invitations help make your child's day special and memorable.



Coordinating Thank You Notes


Celebrating a special event with a child is a rare joy that parents cherish. Likewise, family members, friends, and other members of your church enjoy taking part in your child's first communion. Gifts in the form of small tokens, commemorative religious gifts, and even money are given to the child similar to any event where gifts are exchanged. As a result, not only is it important to extend a thank you to these people for coming to support your child, but it is also important to send thanks for the gifts received.

Many of our 1st communion invitations have coordinating 1st communion thank you notes available to purchase and even personalize. They are the perfect choice for a 1st communion because they share the communion theme that your specific invitation has. While ordering your 1st communion invitations, be sure to include 1st communion thank you notes so that your child will be able to send out a message of gratitude.

It is customary to send a thank you note to each invitee who attended the event. If they offered your child a gift, then be sure to thank them for their presence in addition to the gift. If they showed their support by attendance only, thanking them for that support and their prayers is likewise appropriate.

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