As promised, we have been busy, busy bees at Impress In Print in preparing all kinds of new invitations for you to take a look at. Our Halloween section is bubbling with new designs; our baby section is impregnated with the new and precious; fall and Thanksgiving are a bounty of colors; and our new holiday invites are jingling just around the corner. There are so many new products to look at that picking a few favorites to share with you was a major, major task. Nevertheless, I have picked three of my tops for this week to spread the love!


Each card is full of tiny details that make the overall effect a bit magical. You can see the time spent, the incredibly artistic eye, and the genuine affection in each design. They are fun without being immature, modern without being overly simplistic, and have a strong concept of shape and form. The sample text coordinates so perfectly that you barely realize the extra design and style added from the text alone. If you're looking for top quality, these three would definitely fit the bill.


Fiesta Duo InvitationFiesta Duo Invitation

This card is a redesign of Inviting Co.'s extremely popular Fiesta Couple invitation. While the old design is still really adorable, this new design has already got me wanting to plan a fiesta. The couple is completely decked out from head to toe, and a colorful Mexican banner flutters in the background. I particularly love the detail on her shoes! Really, it's the little details of this card that make it such a fabulous design.

Autumn Squares Invitation Autumn Squares Invitation

This fall pick is definitely one of my favs because of the mix of designs. It combines modern squares and text design with more traditional image-based design. At one look, this invite appears both busy and simplistic. It also brings out fall without being too specific, which means it would work great for Thanksgiving, a fall party, a harvest festival, or even as a seasonal greeting.

Bird Tree Egg Boy Twins InvitationBird Tree Egg Boy Twins Invitation

I love this card from Noteworthy Collections because of its options. You can get it for a boy, girl, twin boys, twin girls, or boy and girl twins. What's more, you can use it as a shower invitation or as birth announcements. I am a huge fan of versatility. I like to see a card that can work perfectly for several different options, because it reminds me of how different yet similar all of our lives can be.

Have you used one of these invitations before? Let me know what you used it for and what you thought of it!