If proper etiquette was easy then everyone would have it, and it would seem just a little less special.  The fact is, that proper etiquette is not alway obvious, but when followed it can make your event or invitation stand above the rest.  We receive a lot of requests regarding etiquette for invitations, so I thought I would share some of the more common things that we receive questions on.

  • Host names should not appear at the beginning of an invitation, but should instead fall toward the middle or bottom of the invitation
  • RSVP is short for "Répondez, s’il vous plaît", however it is not typically treated strictly as an abbreviation, so no need to put periods between the letters
  • Staying on the idea of abbreviations, generally they should be avoided in an invitation.  Words such as "Street" or state names should be spelled out completely

I could write an entire blog page on how titles and names should be treated.  The short answer is that there are different options for each situation, single, married, unmarried couple, etc.  Our type-setters are professionals, and we can offer proper guidance with regards to titles for your invitations.  Maybe if I feel more ambitious I will write up a follow up posting on this:)

My feelings are that etiquette is a lost art form that shouldn't be overlooked because you feel your event isn't "formal".  It is about offering clarity in your invitation wording, honoring your invitees, and honoring the hosts of the events.  Etiquette is a two way street as well, and following proper invitation etiquette may just inspire your guest to keep up their end of the "etiquette" exchange by not bringing uninvited guests, showing up late, or worse ;)