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Valentines day is a day to celebrate Love in all of its forms; romantic love, love of family and love for friends.  Take this one day of the year as an opportunity to ensure that those around you know that you love them.  Of course, most of the advertising out there focuses on romantic love; the love you experience for your partner in life.  However, Valentines day is a great opportunity to let other's in your life know how special they are to you.  A great way to do this is to give small gifts to family members and friends along with a special note to them letting them how they make your life better.  Your list can include:

  • Your children
  • Your brothers and sisters
  • Your parents
  • Your friends
  • Your in-laws

You might start by making a list of everyone that you think brings you a happiness in life, that shouldn't be too hard:)  Next, go through the list individually and ask youself just a few questions:

  1. Has this person done something recently that really made you feel cared for?
  2. How would your life be different had this person not become part of your life?
  3. How do you feel when this person is around?

Keep in mind that "unconditional love" is just as important, it is the love that you give someone just for being themselves (think about your children).  From these questions you will quickly figure out how to express your appreciation for the letter's recipient.

The nice thing about this process, is that you will quickly realize that your life is full of people that bring you happiness.

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