Looking ahead can be hard.  There’s so much going on today that there rarely seems to be time to plan for the future, even if it’s just a few weeks in advance.  One of the great things about working in a business that aids in the planning of special events is the opportunity to take the time to appreciate the moments in life that slow us down.  Holidays, birthdays, weddings… these events are really about family, friends, and loved ones.  Everyone knows it, and deep down I believe that each individual has a true appreciation for it.

One of my favorite holidays during the year is Valentine’s Day.  Not because of the gifts, the chocolate, or the expectation.  When celebrating privately with my spouse we take time to enjoy one another, the love that we have, and the life that we work hard to build.  However, for me, Valentine’s Day does not only extend to my romantic partner in life.  I use it as a day to celebrate the love I have for everyone important to me, friends and family alike.  And I’m definitely not the only one with this idea of a day for appreciating all relationships!

Enjoying Valentine’s Day with family and friends is a perfect reason to get together as a group, celebrating love and life!  You could stick to the traditional themes using pink and red accents around your house, serving chocolate truffles and delicious, rich brownies, and maybe even chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting!  A traditionally themed invitation is the way to go, to complete the effect:

Pink Hearts  - A Heart themed design in 80 lb. card stock. Place a name in the center of the top design to create a unique design.  Available either blank or personalized. Includes white envelope.
LA-12575 - "Pink Hearts"
Love Sips - A trendy design Valentine themed printed only on premium fine quality 80 lb. card stock. Available either blank or personalized. Includes white envelope.
ZI-2069 - "Love Sips"


But not everyone is thrilled by the idea of having pink and red hearts floating around.  Instead, pick any theme you like, as love is not restricted to crimsons.  A funky or chic invitation would suit you perfectly:

Wild Heart - A trendy and colorful design printed only on premium fine quality 80 lb. card stock. Easy to print on your inkjet/laser printer (blank)...or we can print for you (personalized). Includes white envelope. 

ZI-1530 - "Wild Heart"

Heart - Beautiful shimmer ivory card designed with a gold print and coordinating dotted frame along with black border.  This is a heavy card stock-great quality! Includes black envelope.  Due to the color of the envelope we cannot print return address. 

VIC12-5 - "Heart"

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