So it begins, I may finally have a real audience after tonight.  I spent a few days practicing blogging, check out some of my other articles on etiquette, nostalgia, and a new product line.  I find blogging to be quite a bit of fun, so keep an eye on our blog for new articles.  For those tech savvy people out there, you can even use our RSS feed to get my posts in real time.  I am still working out what topics I want to cover in my blog, feel free to shoot me an email if you have topic ideas that you think I should cover.  I will probably include special blog-only promotions occasionally to reward my loyal readers:)  For those of you who use Twitter, we are also offering promotions and discount alerts via the Twitter system.

This won't just be another commercial for our company, I hope to keep the topics interesting and varied.  Feel free to comment on my articles and throw in your ideas!  Our next project will introduce forums where all of you can join in the discussion, sharing your ideas and experiences.  We will also recruit a few experts in etiquette and wording ideas to participate in the forums and answer questions. 

Impress In Print is a growing business and we want to reach out and help our customers (and future customers) in whatever way possible.  Please feel free to email me with your ideas and feedback anytime (

Thank you for your visit