Have you been in love with our stamps but unable to pick just one design to invest in? We completely agree! Versatility is important with personalized stamps, which is why we are thrilled to announce our new line of Peel & Stick Stamps! This unique stamper accommodates interchangeable stamp stickies to suit your specific (and multiple) needs. We offer a ton ofPeel & Stick packs with all different characters and designs for any occasion. Amongst the many options you will even see popular characters such as Hello Kitty or Rudolph!

The brilliant part about these Peel & Stick designs is that they come in two parts. There is an outer ring that can be a simple design, or can have personalized text. The inner circle is reserved for an initials monogram or a pre-designed fun image. With this duality, you can mix and match any inner circle with any outer ring to change out according to the season, your event, or your mood. Since the outer ring can switch out as well, the Peel & Stick stamper can now accommodate multiple addresses, designs, or phrases. That means the same stamper can be used with a sticky that has your address and family monogram, then quickly switched out to a gift phrase (“A Gift for You, from the Smiths!”) with an image for the holidays or any other occasion.

Having a variety of custom stamps is now easy and affordable with these Peel & Stick Stamps. Each stamp pack comes with one outer ring and nine unique images. Personalized outer and inner ring pairs are available for purchase in combination with the PSA Peel & Stick Stamper, or the Peel & Stick Stamper can be purchased separately. At ImpressInPrint.com, it is our goal to make custom products to available for everyone. Check out our Peel & Stick Stamp line now!