Not sure how I left off one of the most timeless Summer party ideas...a Tropical Luau party.  For anyone that has ever been to Hawaii, the memories you bring home of the sandy beaches, the Mai Tai's, and beautiful weather stick with you forever.  In fact, as soon as most people get home from Hawaii, they start planning their next trip to the Islands!  Everyone can appreciate the laid back style of a Tropical Luau party, from the taste of the sweet cocktails to the gentle light from Tiki torches as the summer sun sets.  Here are a few ideas for your next Tropical Luau party:

  1. First: Plan the party to start in the late afternoon early evening, there is nothing like enjoying the sunset while sipping a Mai Tai
  2. Second: Offer a menu full of flavorful tropical treats; roast pork, fresh pineapple dishes, fresh fish.  Take a look at this sample menu.
  3. Third: Set up a hosted bar area complete with ingredients for all the common tropical cocktails (most can be made with our without alcohol).  Don't forget the blender.
  4. Forth: Purchase some Tiki torches and create a lighted outdoor sitting area where guests can gather and sit and relax.  Your outdoor sitting area should function like your living room, offering your guests a comfortable place to sit facing one another so that they can chat with one another.
  5. Fifth: Create a CD of at least 15-20 songs that might include a combination of traditional Hawaiian music as well as something more mainstream ... think Jimmy Buffet:)
  6. Finally: Prepare your home and the party area in advance of the party to eliminate some of running around most hosts do during the celebration.  Things such as having enough ice on hand to having tin foil near the serving table to cover the food after everyone's eaten will hopefully free you up to enjoy the party that you worked so hard to put on.

We see a lot of Tropical Luau party invitations each year, here are a few of our favorites!

Mai Tai Die-Cut   5800 - "Mai Tai Die-Cut"


Luau Couple   ZI-1437 - "Luau Couple"

Hula Girl  

GI8658 - "Hula Girl"


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