Everyone needs a break every now and then.  In those few free moments I have each week I like to either jump on my bike or take a quick jog.  Exercise for me is as much about staying fit as it is about staying sane.  I am by no means a fitness freak, drinking health shakes and living at the gym.  You are more likely to see me with a Vanilla Latte in my hand.  However, when I have the opportunity I do like to get out and clear my mind.  Last week I spent Saturday participating in an incredible annual event here in Phoenix, the Iron Girl 5k/10k race.  Last year I ran it alone, and ran a personal best.  This year I ran the race with my Mom who at 60 years young took first in her age group!  This event is something incredibly special to me.  The energy of all those women on the course is palpable, and the strength of a common bond among the female athletes is immeasurable.

I did find a company there that I wanted to share with you (I feel like Oprah).  They had a booth there, and I ended up purchasing a few of their shirts.  The company was founded by two women who had a passion for the outdoors.  It sounds like it started off as more of a hobby, but following the death of one of the founder's husband it took on a very different meaning.  I love the messages that their products display, their tagline is awesome: Play hard...Take Chances...and Keep Smilin!.  I think it captures my take on life, that it is too short to waste on not taking chances.  Buying ImpressInPrint.com was the scariest thing I have ever done, and it continues to challenge me emotionally and spiritually everyday.  However, I would not do anything different.  I know that life's challenges will come regardless of how safe you try and live your life, and that you must prepare yourself mentally to deal with those challenges before they arise.  You can certainly close your eyes and hope for the best, but I try and go into things with my eyes wide open to both the possibilities for success as well as the possibilities for failure.  I almost forgot to give you the name of the company: Whooha Gear.  I am not affiliated with them in any way...so this isn't a paid advertisement:)

Go out and live life, don't let it live you.