It is during tough times that you have a choice to make; focus on what you don't have or focus on what you don't need.  It is not a difficult observation to make that most people start focusing on the former, keeping a mental score card of what is lacking in their life.  It is a pretty non-productive activity, only adding stress to an already stressful time.  After all, there will always be something on that list of don't have's, they just get more unattainable as your desires grow. 

So why not take that extra effort and start focusing on the don't need's?  The incredible revalation about this activity, is that as your list grows so does your sense of peace.  I know that I quickly realize that there is nothing that a bank can take away from me that is of any real value, there is nothing that the credit card companies can do to really affect my happiness, and that anything of real value in my life is securely tucked away in their bed tonight dreaming of princesses, dump trucks and who knows what else.  This isn't a simple exercise, and it takes a lot of practice.  However, once you master the abilty to focus on your don't need's, you will realize that you will no longer need that list of don't have's.