I think the most common request we receive is help finding the correct wording for an invitation.  Coming up with the correct wording for an invitation should be an Olympic sport in my opinion; it takes intelligence, grace, and sometimes a lot of practice to come up with just the right thing to say.  While we have always offered a Wording Idea database to our customers, we still felt that there was more we could do for our customers.  Out goal is to deploy a new version of our wording database by January 2009!  This new version will add the ability to search for wording ideas, browse by occasion, and much more!  We are also going to be growing our database of wording ideas in the coming months to includes thousands of ideas.  Included in this new database will not only be common holidays and events (Christmas, Birthday's, etc.), but also a diverse set of categories for less common or unique events.  We are also looking into allowing you to submit your wording ideas to the database.  Those ideas will be published along with your name so that you can get the creditSmile.

So keep an eye out for this new feature in the next month!