For the next three days (Wednesday through Friday) we are offering a special promotion to those of you following our blog.  Use the promotion code THANKS08 when checking out for a 10% discount off your order.  The holidays are fast approaching, and many of our manufacturers cannot guarantee holiday delivery....HOWEVER we still have products on our shelves that we can get to you by the holidays.  Also think about stamp gift sets, these are available for pre-holiday delivery up until 12/16!  These sets allow your gift recipient to order the perfect stamps for themselves, and the set includes gorgeous notepads as well.  We have four sets available here, or you can click on the images below to go to two of our sets. 

These holiday sets include a gift certificate for a personalized stamp, it can be redeemed for one of our Three Designing Women stamps offered on the site.  These beautiful stamps can be used to adorn your Thank You notes, holiday cards, or just about any paper product.  The stamps have been repeatedly featured in magazines such as Instyle, Modern Bride, and Better Homes and Garden.  I can't imagine a women out there that would not love to recieve one of these gift sets, I am buying them for both friends and family this year.

We are also able to delivery attachable photo cards and a few other products in time for the holidays, so please go online now and place your order.  TIME IS RUNNING OUT:)


Gift Box Black Note set  Gift Box Blue Note set