Thank you cards are an easy and meaningful way to show someone how much you appreciate them; whether it was their attendence at your special event, the gift you received, or just their friendship.  The most important part of Thank You card etiquette is to remember to send them:)  In this case, it isn't the intention that counts, it is the action.  If you put this off because you are worried about what to write, then more than likely you will forget all together a miss a perfect opportunity to show your appreciation.

So first things first, when does etiquette require a proper Thank You card?

  • Wedding Gifts
  • To the host/hostess of a party that was in your honor
  • Bridal showers and baby showers
  • Hospital stay gifts (you might consider writing one to everyone who visited you)
  • Friends with whom you have stayed the night as a houseguest
  • Graduation or other congratulatory gifts
  • Sympathy letters or gifts
  • Gifts that were received via the mail

Here are a few other situations where they are not required, but still would be a nice gesture.

  • Birthday presents
  • To the host/hostess of a dinner party you attended
  • To a friend who helped you in a special way during a time of need

Don't sweat the actual wording too much, the act of sending a Thank You card is much more important then the actual wording.  The important concept of a Thank You note is that it should be personalized, and include enough content so that the recipient knows why you are thanking them.  Sending generic Thank You notes is pretty tacky, and negates the whole purpose.

Keep in mind that Thank You cards should be sent as soon as possible after the event.  Don't wait!  My husband and I used the airline flight to our honeymoon destination to write our Thank You cards, so it is never a good excuse to say "I just don't have the time"...find the time.  While some etiquette guidelines are pretty lenient with when cards should be sent for certain occasions, I always try to get mine out with in a week or two tops.

Sample Wording Ideas:


Dear Aunt June,

Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with us at my baby shower.  The onsie and matching sock outfit were beautiful, I cannot wait to see them on the baby.  We look forward to seeing you during the holidays.

Thank You,




Thank you for the invitation to the dinner party, David and I had a fantastic time catching up with you and Mike.  The company and the food were both wonderful.

Thank you,



Keep in mind that your Thank you cards should reflect the person sending them, so pick something that fits your style.  Keep in mind that we have hundreds of designs located on our site,  I have included photos of a few here: