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Does your family love to travel? Like most people, I most certainly do. When I get to travel with my family, we enjoy the tourist attractions with all the cheesy stereotypes that make tourism ridiculous. But, after a few days sticking out like sore thumbs, everything about the vacation begins to change. We have learned a few streets and landmarks, and can navigate the city with a bit more ease. We have discovered an a new love for the local food and if overseas are doing our best to get along with the language.

For me, having a small taste of what it is like to live in another culture is the reason fortraveling. Understanding diversity is an important part in personal development, and coming to appreciate a culture for its uniqueness is a thrilling experience that my family and I love to share. We meet new people, take far too many photographs, and are up for anything!

When the holiday season rolls around, you may share my love for sending photo cards themed with designs from the various locations we visit. If you paid a visit to the Southwest, the Tropics, or the Mediterranean, we have brand new designs that are a perfect fit! Take a look at all of our Exclusive Photo Cards on sale for a limited time!