There is nothing better in life than a great sale -- ok, maybe a few things are better, but not manySmile.  We currently have over 400 products on sale on the site, something for almost any occasion.  These aren't just the out of style left overs, these are great products that we have partnered with our manufacturers in order to put them on sale today.  For most products there is no minimum order, just add them to your cart and check need for a promotion code either!  If you are looking to pick up invitations for Mardi Gras, Communion Season, Birthday Parties, or almost any other occasion, we are sure you will find something. 

In addition to having so many products for sale, we have made it even easier to locate products that are on sale inside of each category.  As you can see in the image below we have added two new links under each menu item; "What's New" and "What's On Sale".  These links will give you easy access under each menu items to those products that were recently on the site, or products that are on sale. 



It can't get much easier than that!  Right now there are products that are discounted up to 50% off...hurry, those won't last!