Thinking of having a summer pool party?  What a great way to celebrate your child's birthday, 4th of July, getting out of school, going back to school, or almost any other reason you can think of.  We have even recently seen a lot of clients throwing pot-luck pool parties for no reason other than to offer an inexpensive way to spent a Friday evening.  These days it always important to look for inexpensive ways to entertain your kids, and a pot-luck pool party with friends can be done very inexpensively.  Here are a few other ideas for pool parties:

Dive-In Movies

This is a very popular event for hotels and resorts during the summer, but it can be a great party idea for you home.  Do you have a movie projecter or can you borrow one?  Hang a sheet and project the movie right next to the pool, your kids will think this is the greatest idea ever.  Invites some friends over and order some pizzas.  One thing to be careful of is that most projectors won't work well until well after dusk.  If you can't locate a projecter, even a well placed television will do the trick.  Need the perfect invitations? 

Movie Treats  GI9653 - "Movie Treats" (Check out other invites here)


Potluck Pool Party

You never need a reason for a great pot luck pool party.  Invites some friends and family over, assign everyone to bring something for the meal, and provide the entertainment by donating the pool venue.  Everyone loves to get together with friends and family, and this is a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night.  The trick to a great pool party is to make sure that everyone knows what they are supposed to brind; appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks are the big items.  Don't be too specific, but you can always give some general ideas (i.e. South of the Border, All-american, etc.).  Another option is to let everyone know that the grill will be hot, and they are welcome to bring whatever they want to cook on the grill.  Need invitations?

Kids SuitsZI-718 - "Kids Suits" (Check out other invites here)

Poolside Olympics

Do you have a competitive streak?  How about turning your pool party into a mini-Olympics.  Split up the attendees into team (countries), and then set up a series of events for them to compete in.  Need some ideas?  Pool volleyball, pool basketball, diving contest, who can hold their breath the longest...just about anything that you can do outdoors or in the pool will work.  If you really want to get into it, make you own medals to give out as awards.  This is a great event for stretching your can event put on a pre-event parade:)  Need some invitation ideas?

Pool Party Paper 55LP - "Pool Party Paper" (Check out our other invites here)

These are just a few ideas for a summer time pool party, do you have some creative ideas of your own?  Add a comment to this and let our other visitors know about it.