We have a great new line of stamps that we are dying to share with everyone. This adorable line of address stamps from PJ Invites makes a great gift for family and friends for a variety of occasions. Or, pick one out for yourself! With a ton of designs to choose from, as well as differentink colors, you can find the perfect stamp to fit any personality.  Here are a few ideas of when a personalized stamp gift holds extra sentimental value:


  • Newlyweds or Wedding Shower
  • New Baby (or Babies!)/Baby Shower
  • Housewarming
  • Holiday Season
  • “This book belongs to…”
  • Family gift tags
  • New Pet


The stamps can last for up to 30,000 impressions, so can be used year after year for the purpose that suits you best. Another great benefit is that they don’t use any additional paper—just stamp them on the front or back of your envelope. They are a quick, stylish, and convenient alternative to address labels or regular pen and ink. Take a look and give one a try! 

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