I always like inquiring of my friends about what they think are great product ideas.  It's my informal way of polling my target customers about what they want to see on the site.  My friend called me just the other day to tell me about a new product that was featured in this month's "O" magazine, personalized gift stickers by Demby & Soloman!  I immediatly thought that these would be a great addition to my product offerings and after just a couple days I was able to put them on my site, JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!  I am pretty excited since they were so easy to work with, and have a great product that I can offer my customers.  They have a big selection with a diverse set of designs, with something for just about everyone's tastes. 

 Have you seen something lately that you would like us to carry?  Please send me a note and I will definetly look into getting it on the site.  Here are a few images from the Demby & Soloman sticker line.