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Gift shopping for someone you don't know very well is tough. Sometimes, you just need a gift that anyone would enjoy without seeming thoughtless and generic. If you are anything like me, you do put thought into your gifts. The last thing I would want someone to think is that I am giving a gift out of obligation--I never do that! I give it because I care about the person, and want to show them in a small way.

That said, I recently had a new acquaintance tell me she had just landed a great promotion at her job. I was thrilled for her! My friends and I held a small celebration for her, and I wanted to give her a little gift along with it. The only trouble is that I don't really know her tastes yet. Luckily, I found for her a gift set that is my new favorite gifty items available at ImpressInPrint.com. These notepad sets are cute, stylish, and fun. A great way to add a little personalization to the office, and very useful to boot.

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