I spent the day today playing miniature golf with my kids today at their friends birthday party, and remembering how much joy the simplicity of attending a birthday party would bring me in my childhood.  I think everyone thinks back to the good ol' days...of simpler times.  However the misconception is that the "simpler times" represent some earlier period of time in history.  "Simpler times" doesn't refer to some historical marker, but to our childhood, when a day at the park and an ice cream cone brought more joy than any new purse or pair of shoes will ever do again.  I think that is what nostalgia really represents, a yearning to go back to a time in our life where less was more, and where real happiness was only a twenty five cent ice cream cone away.

I try to keep that in mind as often as I can, that simple pleasures can easily combine to a lifetime of happiness.  So take a moment to enjoy playing with your kids without thinking about household bills, enjoy an ice cream cone after dinner occasionally without thinking about the "empty" calories, and step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air every now and then.