I thought I would spend this time introducing myself a little bit.  My husband and I purchased this business from a close friend earlier this year.  We had been extremely involved with the business for the last 10 years (sounds like such a long time saying that), and knew that buying the business was just something that was meant to be.  I went to school for design and after being a stay-at-home mom for almost six years started to think that I was never going to get to pursue my passion for art and design.  Running Impress In Print has been a dream come true for both of us, and we hope that you will take notice of the passion that both of us bring to running this business.

My husband and I have two beautiful children, two dogs, a turtle named "Eddie", and very little free time:)  Life has been generous to us and we are grateful every day for the gifts of a healthy loving family, unconditional friendships, and so much more.  In what little free time I do have I try and stay in shape by cycling, running and swimming.  I participated in my first triathlon earlier this year and I have promised myself that I would do it again when time permits. 

I am left-handed, and I think that like most "lefties" my thought processes are very different than those "righties" out there.  I love the creativity that my new job offers so keep an eye out for some new offerings in the year to come as I stretch out my creative juices.