This is NOT a clearance sale, this is a sale on our HOTTEST PRODUCTS!  We went back to our favorite manufacturers and asked them to help us give our customers the best possible discount on their premium products for the next 5 days.  They loved the idea, and together we put together our MARCH MADNESS sale that will be going on for the next 5 days only.  Buy now, we can't extend this sale beyond those 5 days.  This sale has products for sale between 10% and 25%, and includes 1000's of products.  You can click though our home page or use the following links to go directly to the sale products:

Inviting Company products at 25% Off!

San Lori products at 10% Off! (applies to certain products in that line) 

Starfish and Dreams products at 10% Off!

Whitney English products at 25% Off! (applies to certain products in that line) 

Take a look at just some of the products that are on sale for the next 5 days:

Wild Mix  Wild Mix (ZI-985)

Oxford Hot Pink  Oxford Hot Pink (W118126)

Graduation Pink  Graduation Pink (LA-12365)

Tropical Pleasures  Tropical Pleasures (4235)

This is just 4 products out of the almost 4000 products we have ON SALE RIGHT NOW. 

What are you waiting for?  Go Shopping!