There is nothing like a few days of vacation to cleanse you mind, renew your spirit, and give you a new attitude.  I LOVE that feeling of "I can conquer the world" I get when I finally get to spend some quality time with my family, sleep in a bit, and de-stress.  Stress is like kryptonite, sapping my creative and physical energy. 

Thanksgiving for my family was wonderful; dinner was great, the kids had fun, and we were able to relax all day.  I started working on my annual family holiday letter.  Like many families I like to take a moment to look back at the year, identify all the neat things my family and I did (like buying Impress In Print! ), and then put them into a letter for family and friends.  I usually find myself having to limit the highlights in order to keep it to one page.  I thought I would give you a few ideas of things that you might want to include in your letter, just in case you have a case of writer's block:

  • What grade did you kids start this year?  Did they start college?
  • What are they learning at school (how to read, multiplication, US constitution, etc.)
  • Sports acomplishments/Academic awards
  • Funny things your kids have done in the last month or so
  • Promotions at work
  • Volunteering activites
  • Changing Jobs
  • New hobbies
  • Travel plans for the holidays
  • Cool vacations you took this year (include a picture)
  • New pets
  • New home (try not to brag too much :) )

That is just a short list of ideas, obviously make your letter as personal as you feel comfortable.  You can also create two letters, one for close family and another for friends and associates.  Everyone jokes about these letters, but I know I read every single one I recieve.  It is a nice way to catch up on the lives of those we don't get to see very often.  I wouldn't recommend doing this over email, instead opt for sending it through standard mail (maybe even use some nice decorative paper -- that's my sales pitch).  Have some fun with it, stretch out your creative legs and do something different this year.

Check out some decorative paper options here:

Here are a few samples: