I almost forgot, I wanted to do a little bragging tonight because I was so proud of my son this weekend.  He learned how to ride his bicycle without training wheels!  I left my husband at home with the kids in order to do some grocery shopping on Saturday and when I turned into my driveway this weekend I was SHOCKED to see him peddling down to meet me.  What a sight, he was so proud of his accomplishment.  We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out in the front yard watching him and the other neighborhood kids peddle their bikes up and down the block.  As much as our world does change, somethings never do, and spending the weekend riding your bike around the neighborhood still looks like as much fun as when I was their age.  I am sure it is a mixture of excitement, new found freedom, and the thrill of accomplishing such a tremendous task that isn't matched by many other things outside of learning to ride a bike.