Patio Hour - A fun and brightly colored invitation for your next cocktail party.  Designed with an arrangement of cocktails on a pink and white striped background. Includes white envelope.There's nothing like a night on the town with just the girls.  GNO (Girls Night Out) is a time for fun, dancing, celebration, and most importantly... women only!  Let down your hair and plan a night with the girls to go a little crazy.  Here are some fun facts for why you should definitely enjoy yourself once in a while:

  • Adding a little bit of alcohol to berries increases the potency of the natural anti-oxidants in the berries.
  • Laughter causes your blood vessels to expand, increasing (and improving) blood flow.
  • Dancing raises your heart rate and provides light exercise (just like a simple cardio workout!).
  • Happiness from having fun promotes self-esteem and motivation in everyday life, and also releases stress.

If that's not enough to call up your girlfriends, then consider that a night out doesn't have to celebrate something, but it can!  If one of your friends is getting married, celebrating a birthday, graduating, or got promoted then use that as your perfect excuse.  Pick one of our trendy new designs for cocktails or a night on the town and invite all of your girlfriends.  Or, host a mixed cocktail party for all of your friends--couples too!  It's a great way to enjoy the cool summer nights and put aside some time to let loose a little or catch up with old friends.

Z1-2892 - "Modern Drinks"
This summery design is perfect for a cocktail party, poolside or inside.


Z1-2889 - "Cosmo City"
A perfect invitation for a ladies' night out!  This pink and black martini on the town invitation has a "Sex and the City" style theme that's perfect for a bachelorette or birthday party.  Cosmos anyone?

Z1-2895 - "Sketchy Drinks"
A completely customizable invitation, this design is great for any adult get-together.  With a generic theme, it's perfect year-round for all (adult) ages and crowds!

Sketchy Drinks  - An arrangement of colorful drinks that make this invitation perfect for any cocktail hour, or cocktail party. A fun sketch design that is perfect for a girls night out, bachelor or bachelorette party.  Includes white envelopes.