Are you the "Miss Manners" in your group of friends.  Do you appreciate the beauty and elegence of proper invitation etiquette?  We put together a fun little etiquette quiz this week for our customers. Take the quiz, have some fun, and get a promotion code for your next purchase in the next couple of days!  The quiz includes questions that we either hear very often from our customers or common invitation mistakes that we see. 

Our typesetters produce thousands of invitations every year, they are here to help answer all of your questions on wording, etiquette, tone, font, and font color selection.  We provide a proof for every single personalized invitation order, and we assure our customers that we won't print it until they are happy with the look and feel of the invitation. 

Some invitation companies make it impossible to speak with someone about your invitation.  At you can speak directly with the typesetter working on your order.  She is happy to offer suggestions on how to lay out the invitation, font selection, and many other items.  We offer both telephone as well as online operators for you during business hours.

Ordering invitations online for your personal event can certainly be nerve wracking, and we try to make it as easy as possible.  You are involved at every step of the way, and we assure you that your order will look perfect.

So again, take the quiz, have some fun, and get a promotion code!

Etiquette Quiz  (This promotion has expired)