A hot new trend this summer is a simple tropical flower—the hibiscus!  It’s got simplicity, elegance, and versatility that no other flower has been able to match.  You can use the hibiscus for a luau with friends, for a tropical Sunday brunch, or for a destination wedding.  It can be adapted to casual, business, or formal events, and has been used in tons of trendy new designs.

Everyone loves a summer luau!  Tropical flavors, sun, and a relaxed atmosphere is just what you need to cool off and have fun.  Businesses are thrilled to host a lower-budget event that all of their employees and customers will still enjoy.  Tropical/tiki decorations are everywhere right now, so it’s a great way to push corporate appreciation while still working on the dime.  And with an economy that is still recovering, engaged couples are finding private destination weddings more affordable and more attractive than the larger traditional events.

Whatever you’re planning, this flower is ready to help!  Check out some of our most popular hibiscus designs:

For a relaxed and casual event, this invitation is the perfect choice!  It’s bright and fun, and brings out tropical summertime with perfection.  With the two different colored flowers, it’s also perfect for a couples shower!
PSC398 - "Hibiscus Flowers"
Hibiscus Flowers - Colorful and fun! Premium quality cardstock is inkjet/laser compatible and available blank or personalized.  Includes white envelope. 

This fun wiggler invitation is also a great choice for businesses.  The background invitation has a more subdued and semi-formal feel while still keeping to the tropical theme.  The attached die-cut wiggler makes it pop, and keeps the event fresh!
PSCW761 - "Red Hibiscus Wiggler"
Red Hibiscus Wiggler - YOULL LOVE IT!!  Let em Shake & Wiggle!  A fun and unique hibiscus wiggler invite that you can print or we can print for you.  Includes die-cut hibiscus flower that you attach with a spring (included) and Wiggles! (very easy to attach).  If ordering personalized, we can attach the diecut for you at an additional charge of $.50 each.Includes white envelope and mails flat with no extra postage required. 

These coordinating invitations are perfect for the formal event, such as a wedding and bridal shower.  They work for a destination wedding, but are also ideal for the bride who wants to bring the tropical home by incorporating hibiscus into her wedding decorations.  Simple yet elegant!
YAW785 - "Hibiscus Die Cut"         YA607W - "Tropical Hibiscus"
Hibiscus Die Cut  - Stylish Hibiscus Flower Die cut with a  Brown Rafia tie and a imprintable 3.5" x 5.5" flat card . Also available is the added Embellishment of glitter.  If product is ordered blank or unassembled the glitter will need to be applied.   This invitation does require some assembly, if you would like us to assemble printed product we will for an additional .50 per card.  For adding glitter to each card .50 per card.  please indicate in the comment section assembly request or glitter assembly is needed.         Tropical Hibiscus - An elegant card with a delicate tropical flair.  This invitation is decorated with a single pink hibiscus.  It is perfect for a formal event like a wedding or bridal shower.Glitter Embellished!  80# designer IVORY cardstock  includes CLEAR/WHITE GLITTER that you attach to card with glue pen provided. Available blank or personalized and easy to print on your printer.  Envelopes included.

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