Autumn is an absolutely gorgeous season that can be celebrated in so many ways. One excellent option is hosting a hayride for some of your closest friends and relatives. Enjoy the glories of a bountiful harvest on the farm! The country setting during the fall season alone is enough to thrill your senses with fresh and bright colors, sights, and smells. Adding a fabulous family hayride to your day’s activities is the perfect way to celebrate the season. To complete the theme, invite your guests using one of ourAutumn Themed Invitations for Hayrides. Let us help you customize your order byprinting your personalization at!

Every venue that you look at will have a different set of rulesand regulations for your hayride event. Be sure to follow these rules closely,as they are meant to keep you and all of your guests safe! However, there are afew smart preparations you should take for any hayride, and also pass along toyour guests. Here is a quick list of things to keep in mind.

  1. Wear close-toed shoes and pants: Avoid a lot of pokes or scrapes that come with being on a farm.
  2. Bring a flashlight: Many hayrides take place during the day, but if yours might extend into the evening hours then bring a small light just in case.
  3. Bring water: It might not be hot enough for you to get parched in the sun, but many people are not accustomed to the dust that can be kicked up on a dirt road. If you think you might be sensitive to the dust, be sure to bring along a little bit of water to clear your throat.
  4. Bring cash: You never know what kind of delicious treats you will find for sale on a farm, and having a small amount of cash handy for a quick purchase is an excellent idea.
  5. Ask for advice: When scheduling your first hayride, ask what you should do to arrive prepared. They will know what little things to consider for the experience at their specific farm


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